Meet Nader Nadernejad: The Online Reputation Management Expert

Nader Nadernejad is the director of Nadernead Media, a Canadian digital agency specializing in Online Reputation Management (ORM).

“We help people who have damaged their online presence repair and build a stronger online presence,” says Nadernejad.

It all started when Nadernejad was working in full-service digital marketing in 2015 and found out that people needed online reputation management services, but there weren’t enough businesses providing quality ORM services.

Online reputation management interested Nadernejad because he wanted to give people another shot at pursuing professional opportunities who had their online reputations damaged.

“I had the chance to take on an online reputation management project and I decided to go for it because I had been working in SEO for the better part of a decade,” says Nadernejad.

The project was a wild success and that decision changed the direction of Nader’s business.

“Social media marketing and search engine optimization worked well for me when I was operating a full-service agency, but nobody ever cries tears of joy after you complete their project because you gave them better SEO rankings,” says Nadernejad.

Nadernejad says he felt he was serving a greater cause when he entered the online reputation management space and that’s why he’s never looked back.

“These are people just like you and me who have made a mistake or were slandered on the internet and now it affects all their professional opportunities, and even their personal ones. I interview my clients and learn everything I can about them, then have my writers and publishers suppress the negative content in a way that’s true to them,” says Nadernejad.

“Anybody’s online reputation can be ruined in an instant. It can happen to you when you least expect it, and you’ll never know who knows about it, who’s secretly judging you or what opportunities you’re losing when people Google your name—and trust me, they Google your name.”

Nadernejad says his company also has a unique business model that other companies within the ORM space do not. His agency, Nadernead Media is structured like a media agency, which gives him the power to use his own websites and subsidiaries to suppress negative publicity on the internet.

“We purchase older, authoritative blog sites and make them more profitable. Then we feature our clients who need online reputation management services on those sites. We rinse and repeat and this process allows us to keep purchasing digital properties to add to the foundation of our business and continue helping people.”

Nadernejad says he manages to keep his many websites organized by keeping them within one domain registrar and hosting them on a virtual private server.

“That thing has tons of space and I host all these websites on the same server to drop my costs.”

Nadernejad says this is why his agency is called Nadernejad Media and that someday, he hopes to acquire stakes in larger, mainstream media outlets in Canada and the U.S..

“My pattern recognition and muscle memory for all things digital media is my best asset. Written, audio, visual, publishing, editing, selling, distributing… everything.”

Nadernejad was recently interviewed about ORM to be featured in McGraw-Hill’s new business textbook to be used in all Canadian colleges and universities with business degree programs.

“I hope to use everything I’ve learned to continue helping people fix their online reputations and get their lives back on track. Online reputation management means a lot to me because you’re changing people’s lives,” says Nadernejad.

Nadernead says online reputation management should be on the radar of every business and individual.

“You’ll hear more about it.”

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