Mobile vs Desktop – Which Is Best for Online Gaming?

Today’s games are mostly played in smartphones, computers or dedicated consoles, each with its own pros and cons.

You can say that it’s a matter of preference, but online games are mostly divided into desktop or mobile platforms.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison on the most important aspects- screen size, ease of use and portability.

Screen Size

A desktop computer will have screen sizes anywhere between 17 inches to a gigantic 40-inch real estate. On the other hand, a mobile screen’s biggest display offering is somewhere between 6 to 7 inches.

When playing online games and virtual casinos, the bigger the screen size the better. The ability to see everything a game has to offer can make the experience more pleasant.

In SA Gaming, you get to play all your favorite titles. Though they’re optimized for all displays, every little inch helps so you won’t squint to see the graphics or miss out when you win a jackpot.

Ease of Use

Both desktop and mobile phone are easy to use. You just use the keyboard to type words and move the mouse and click to where you want in a computer, while a smartphone has a touchscreen interface.

A smartphone works better in that you just have to point where you want to go with your finger. That’s it. Surprisingly, this works on almost any online game, from RPGs to first person shooters, and even when you’re playing your favorite games on UFABET.


There’s something magical about being able to play games anytime, anywhere. Mobile phones are instrumental to this regard as they’re like mini-computers that can do a lot of things.

Smartphones win the portability factor, hands down. You may be compromising on screen size but it certainly beats having to stare at nothing when you’re passing the time waiting at a dentist’s office or while on the commute.

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