Modern Technologies to Improve Students Academic Writing Skills

Writing essays, research papers, abstracts, scientific articles, and other academic papers is an integral part of absolutely any university curriculum. Such assignments can be very challenging, as they require a lot of time and special knowledge. Not everyone is a born writer, and modern technologies come to the rescue. Nowadays, many different online software and apps help students organize their writing, take care of their eyes, and help beat the creative crisis. We gathered the most useful means that will help you write better and faster.


It is a very convenient service for taking and storing notes. A note can be electronic or handwritten text, a voice recording, part or all of a web page, a photograph, and much more.

Evernote Features:

– a built-in organizer;

– makes it possible to distribute all notes into folders for convenient organization and further search;

– allows you to add video, audio, and photo materials;

– contains a chat inside the application, which will enable you to share thoughts and ideas with others online;

– provides synchronization between several devices – you can start writing on a laptop and continue working on a smartphone or tablet;

– allows you to store notes on the desktop or customize the display of reminder notifications.

This application is quite enough for full-fledged daily study and recreation.

This college essay help service will provide all necessary information regarding different writing styles and formats, types of academic papers, and free examples for each of them.

The service offers:

– free articles, tips, and examples for any paper one needs to write (see Blog section);

– if you lack time or knowledge to prepare the academic paper yourself, you can easily order one here. Not only will you get plagiarism-free writing from a professional, but it will also meet any deadline, even you need to hand in your essay in 3 hours. The service will secure all your personal data and never disclose it to anyone;

– has online support with live chat;

– works 24/7, including public holidays and weekends;

– 100% customer satisfaction rate. is a lifesaver when it comes to overcoming any issues related to academic performance.


It is one of the best apps to trip up students while writing is grammar rules.

Advantages of Grammarly include:

– you can adjust the app goals to get writing suggestions that will suit your own and the audience needs;

– it will check the correctness of your academic paper to improve punctuation, spelling, and grammar ;

– will help to make your writing easy to understand;

– enables you to make your work more effective and interesting;

– allows you to make the right impression on your readers;

– has an in-built plagiarism check.

Although there is a free Grammarly version, we recommend you update to premium for the best performance.

Storyline Creator

It is a multifunctional editor that allows you to create educational, interactive content and software simulations.

Among the advantages of the Storyline Creator are the following:

– simple, intuitive interface, which is easy for anyone to understand;

– contains a selection of templates, fonts, images that will help you make the work more original and non-standard;

– has new possibilities for editing text, thereby allowing you to improve it by adjusting spacing, letter sizes, alignment, colors, and so on;

– great for creating slides from scratch or using templates;

– makes it possible to add objects, animation, and other various elements;

– provides automatic material recovery in case of system failure;

– allows you to create animation effects and apply them to multiple objects;

– automatically corrects grammatical and other mistakes.

One needs no special knowledge or skills to work with this resource; absolutely anyone can master it.

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