Must-Have Features for Banking Apps

We all know that now our mobile phone is pretty much becoming our best friend. It makes our lives a lot easier, with it we can go shopping without ever leaving the house, for example. Even more, we no longer need to take a trip to the nearest ATM to check our balance, we can do it with the help of banking apps. In this article, we are going to explore more how to develop a secure mobile banking app.

For banks, having a well-designed app will help them gain the upper hand against the competition. There are plenty of features that we all want from a banking app, and we’re going to take a look at some of them.

1. Security 

Since we’re dealing with our own money, we must be assured that security is the bank’s top priority. We all want our money to be safe, that’s why we use banks anyway, and they know that. 

Things such as multi-factor, or biometric authentication are a must in these types of apps. Biometric technology is to be preferred since the multi-factor authentication process can get unnecessarily long which will most likely annoy the users. 

Biometric tech is all about recognizing a person’s face, voice, fingerprints, and even gestures. That’s why it is much faster than multi-factor authentication. 

2. Easy Bill Payments 

We’ve all been through that frustrating time of the month, where you have to go across the city just to pay your bills. Why not save some time and pay the bills directly through your phone?

Set reminders for your users that payment is almost due, this will help them avoid risking on skipping the bills. Or, even more, why not make them automated? This way, the users wouldn’t even have to think about paying the bills. 

3. Money Management 

This is a great way to make the users spend some more time on the app. We all have trouble when it comes to putting some money on the side, so why not include a feature where it lets users set a money-saving goal? Or let them see how much money they spent on what. 

This will allow them to track where the money is going and will give them a much easier time in figuring out where they can trim the budget a bit.

4. Alerts 

As we’ve said, people need to know where their money is going exactly. With the help of alerts, you can notify whenever they paid for something, or when the bills are due. Make it personalized, so the user can set the notifications to appear on whatever they like. 

5. Customer Support

Since people of all ages use banking, some of them might get stuck with navigating the app. This is where a smart chatbot can be very helpful, not only for the users but for the banks as well. This way, banks can create a loyal user-base.


All in all, a well-designed app can have a drastic impact on its success. This is especially the case with banking applications since they are all about people. A secure, easy to use app can bring the bank some nice profits.

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