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My RAD 140 Before And After Results

I want to talk about my remarkable RAD 140 before and after results. RAD 140 is known as the most potent SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), and I experienced this first hand.

I also have tried just about every SARM on the market as well, so I’m no newbie.

The cycle was 12 weeks long, and the results were comparable to the best PEDs out there.

Just how remarkable were my results?

I gained almost 25 pounds of rock hard muscle, and the gains were lean! Meaning no bloat or water weight, just pure muscle.

On top of the ridiculous increase in muscle mass, I got so much stronger as well. My max lifts all increased around 70 pounds (for major compound lifts).

On top of getting bigger and stronger, my joints and all soft tissue also got stronger. My tendons and joints didn’t feel sore like they usually do after a strenuous workout.

I had chronic tendon pain on my left knee and right elbow, and after being on RAD 140 for 6 weeks the pain completely went away, it was shocking.

Not only was I experience amazing physical improvements, but mentally as well. I felt more motivated and aggressive in the gym, I also noticed a bigger pump while training a certain muscle group.

Not sure if the RAD 140 helped my mentality directly, or if it was my ridiculous gains in muscle and strength that motivated me that much more.

Anyways, I want to share a before and after photos.

The top two photos are of me prior to the cycle and the bottom two photos are of me after my 12 week cycle, and 25 pounds of muscle heavier.

Also, if you are wondering if I am an outlier, I can assure you that I am not. I recommended RAD 140 to a handful of close friends and acquaintances and they all experienced similar results.

My friend Anthony experienced the least gains, and he still gained around 18 pounds of muscle, which is still quite impressive.

So ladies and gentlemen, I strongly recommend this SARM out of the others. If you are either trying to get into the best shape of your life or become the best athlete you can, I recommend RAD 140 no questions about it.

And if you are still doubting if they work, just Google and read about all of the famous athlete that have tested positive with this SARM in their system.

Why do you think they are taking it? Think about it, they have the best doctors and trainers in the world, they wouldn’t have taken SARMs if it didn’t work!

Now the important thing is that it has to be legit SARMs, which can be tricky. Luckily I created an article explaining who has the best SARMs, just check out my blog

Also remember, nothing is magical, meaning you can just sit on your butt and expect crazy results. You have to put in the work at the gym!

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