New Age Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Over the last year or so, you might have noticed a lot of New Age beliefs and ideas you’d forgotten about are back again. For those who aren’t familiar, New Age refers to a genre of spiritual and religious practices that gained popularity in the Western world in the 1970s, despite the traditions themselves dating back as far as the beginning of recorded human history. Some examples of New Age thought to include alternative medicine, astrology, cosmology, and certain aspects of the occult.

The specter of a global health threat combined with more unscheduled time alone seems to have brought the idea of mental and spiritual wellness back into the general consciousness. Read on to find out more about some new-age trends that are making a comeback this year.

Why are New Age lifestyle products experiencing a resurgence?

Experts who track trends on social media websites like Pinterest say that New Age wellness is gaining a lot of attention among younger people. Mental, physical, and spiritual well-being are high priorities heading into the new year. It’s not difficult to figure out where this resurgence of interest in wellness is coming from. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken over everything in our lives this past year and brought concerns about physical health to the forefront of our minds. While a renewed focus on physical health is good, even more interestingly, that focus has a more holistic push for wellness that includes both mental and emotional components. The threat that COVID-19 poses to our physical health is obvious, but the effects of the global pandemic and the lifestyle changes that go along with it have on our emotional well-being are profound.

These feelings of instability and the general precarity of the future combined with the uptick in free time has given many people the opportunity to pursue their interest in different kinds of spirituality, including many of the New Age trends that are back in the spotlight.

Which New Age trends are making a comeback?

Lifestyle products that target common wellness issues like anxiety and sleeplessness are particularly popular right now, especially given how much more time people are spending at home due to ongoing restrictions related to the global pandemic. CBD products also remain favorites with customers, especially products that combine addressing a need with a popular ingredient like CBD sleep solution. Some are even going so far as to say sleep care will be the new self care, with many consumers vowing to place renewed focus on a relaxing and healthy sleep regimen in 2021. If you’re not familiar with CBD, it stands for cannabidiol, which is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike weed, CBD doesn’t contain THC, the chemical compound that produces the “high” associated with marijuana. While studies are ongoing to research its medical applications, many consumers rave about the benefits of CBD.

Areas of study within the world of mysticism that are becoming more popular include astrology, Tarot, and meditation. Tarot has always held appeal for those interested in divination. While it can take time to learn the difference between the King of Cups and the King of Swords and truly be able to perform a tarot reading, many people find studying the cards to be an interesting pursuit in and of itself. Ultimately, all of these trends are connected to the underlying desire to improve a sense of wellbeing from a whole-body perspective.

While most of the practices and traditions we refer to as “New Age” have been around for centuries, their popularity is enduring, as evidenced by the fact that they’re seeing a resurgence once again. Whether it’s tarot reading, crystals, meditation, or astrology, New Age spiritual practices can help us connect to our inner selves and design a wellness routine that is more holistic, and includes more than just the physical self. Only time will tell how long this latest wave of New Age spirituality will last, but if history tells us anything, it’ll never stay gone for long.

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