Old School Runescape Game Guide: Tips About How to Level Up Smithing Quickly in OSRS

In Old School Runescape, most players think that Smithing is one of the most important tools in the game. So, they expect to learn some necessary tips to level up their Smithing tool in the game. In addition, players can choose some basic weapons for their character in the game, you can buy OSRS Gold to purchase them quickly.

If players want to have a good experience in Old School Runescape, it is vital for them to know how to level up skills. Players who have a high level of smithing skill will upgrade more quickly than other players in the game.

The most efficient way to level up any skill in Runescape is finding the best quests to accomplish. All players can accomplish the quest The Knight’s Sword which will provide a large amount of XP in Smithing. Players can rise up from level one to level 29 through this quest. Players should pay attention to the Smithing scale when they begin to start this quest.

Choose the Best Quests

There are a lot of quests for players to complete in the game. The only way to upgrade their levels quickly is to doing more and more quests. So there are some best quests for players to choose. For instance, Heroes’ Quest, The Giant Dwarf, Elemental Workshop, and Cabin Fever. Players will gain more XP from these best quests. They will reach high levels through more XP in the game.

Use Superheating

Players should know that leveling up two skills is more efficient than only paying attention to one skill. You can learn a wonderful way to level up Magic and Mining while increasing Smithing. Then players also have access to gain more gold. It is superheating.

As mining, players can try to use Superheat on the ore. When players throw the bars, they will gain XP in Smithing in low cost. Players can also buy ore from the shop, but it is far more expensive.

Upgrade Through Fletching

The fletching is a good way to level up in the game. Players can use iron, steel, mithril and adamantite bars to make different bolts when they level up. You can also use this way to gain some gold in the process of making Dart Tips. When they take advantage of power leveling fletching, they are going to sell for high profits in the Grand Exchange, you will upgrade quickly by Smithing.

Make Platebodies

Players who want to level up Smithing quickly can make Platebodies with the smelt ore. They will get different levels of XP according to the levels of platebodies in the game. So, they need to find different kinds of ores to build up high levels of Platebodies in the game.

Craft Cannonballs

Players can join in the Dwarf Cannon quest, which allows them to craft cannonballs. Players are able to make four cannonballs with bar of steel, which will offer some Smithing XP. Players can use this way to earn more XP to upgrade quickly.

Drop Gold Bars

Players can try to smelt gold at the minigame blast furnace. In order to do this, players have to complete the quest Family Crest and obtain the goldsmith gauntlets. If you can complete it quickly, you will gain a large amount of XP in this way.

Players are eager to gain more XP in Old School Runescape in order to level up their skills. If you need to buy some essential items, you can Buy RS Gold to purchase them for your character in the game. You will find cheap prices about RuneScape 2007 Gold on z2u.com.

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