PIP Enquiry Helps Claiming PIP Amount Simpler!

Personal Independence Payment is the amount given to the citizens of the UK who fall under the age bracket of 16 to 65. The claimants need to have a certain disability that reduces their daily activity.

Not to confuse between the DLA and the PIP, as the PIP is not a replacement of the DLA. Rather, if you are receiving the DLA, you will not be eligible for PIP. Moreover, one point of difference between PIP and DLA is the age restriction.

PIP is not applicable for children below 16 years of age.

PIP enquiry line helps in solving all the queries related to PIP. One of the major queries about PIP is the way to claim and the process to claim the same. We will cover the process of claiming the PIP grants if you are eligible for the same.

Steps in Claiming the PIP Amount

· Dial the PIP Query Line:

You should dial the PIP query line to know about the possibility of the PIP payment. If you are unable to speak, make sure you have someone, who knows sign language, and you explain to him over the phone. Using the video relay for communication and ISL as the internationally accepted sign language is preferred.

· Share About the Daily Impacts of Your Disability:

You will have to share how your disability affects your day to day activities. You will have to fill a form regarding the same and you will have to help notes to fill it easily. It is important to note that you will not receive the grant if your disability doesn’t affect your daily living.

· Assessment Centers for Your Health Condition:

You can contact the hospitals which are looking into the assessment of the health condition of the students. Under such a scenario, judgement will be on the different activities of the daily life and your ability to perform the same.

·  Decision making:

After the assessment is done, then the data is sent to the officers for decision making. They decide if your case will be sure to get the PIP claim or not. If your case passes the scrutiny, then you will start to receive the claimed amount from the next month onwards.

Conditions for the Terminally ill conditions

Terminal illness can be very heartbreaking for the person and family. If you are suffering from terminally ill-health conditions, the conditions for claiming the PIP are different and relaxed:

·        No need for any medical assessment, as you can claim the amount without the assessment.

·        No need to fill-up the form stating how the disability will be affecting you

·        The face to face assessment is not mandatory in such cases.

·        If you need mobility support, you can claim the component for mobility in the PIP.

If you are not comfortable in answering the questions, you can make someone else answer them too.

In case your situation has any chances of improvement, then you need to go for a re-assessment. Dial the pip claim number to schedule a re-assessment to keep on claiming the PIP amount. 

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