Plastic vs Stainless Steel Bath Accessories – Where to Buy These Online at Wholesale?

The selection of bath accessories depends on the taste and budget of the buyer. In the market, there is a huge collection of bath accessories. Metal, stainless steel, brass, etc. is a traditional material for such items but now plastic-made products are trendier. 

Today, we will talk about the bath accessories and which material is best for them. 

Plastic and stainless steel is most commonly used for bath accessories. Here we compare these two materials that will be helpful to choose the best option. 

Plastic Vs Stainless Steel Bath Accessories

Wastebasket to toothbrush holder, every bath accessory is available in both steel and plastic material. These points will be helpful in making a decision about the selection of bath accessories. 

1. Price

Stainless steel is expensive metal as compared to plastic.  So, that the plastic bath accessories are more budget-friendly. And this is the main reason for the increasing trend of bath accessories. 

2. Quality 

Bath accessories are selected for a longer time, so that durability and quality of the item are necessary. Stainless steel and plastic both are durable but stainless steel can be used for hundreds of years with proper care.

3. Designs 

If we talk about the designs, both are available in enticing designs. But plastic can be used in more variety of colors. Well, it is also a personal choice of every person as some people prefer stainless steel over plastic and vice versa. 

4. Trend

Plastic is an increasing trend and people prefer plastic products more.  One major factor is that it is cost-effective. Plastic bath accessories can be selected according to different color themes. 

Where to Buy Bath Accessories Online

Whatever the material is used for bath accessories, their quality and design should be up to mark. Here we have mentioned some options to buy wholesale bath accessories in recent designs. 

1. COYLE fencing Building Specialties Rolling Steel Doors 

COYLE is an old name for providing its customers with quality building material. They satisfy the customers for bath accessories. 

They not only sell these items, but also provide installation, maintenance, and repair facilities. The customers can contact them, and acquire the most appropriate options after discussing the project.

Before making a buying decision, give a chance to their experience of decades in this field. 

2. C&L Supply Company 

C&L Supply Company is working with an objective to facilitate the customers with the most fitted item. For this reason, they provide a solution. 

They know everyone wants to maintain safe, efficient, and needy accessories in the bathroom. 

 So that they provide such products that are lower in price and are an ultimate solution for your bathrooms. 

3. TSM (Tabular Specialties Manufacturing)

TSM is another washroom accessory manufacturing business that has been providing quality products since 1966. 

They facilitate the customers for commercial use bath accessories with a versatile range. Authorized distributors have original TSM products. So, the customers can contact the company to know about the nearest authorized supplier of TSM products. 

4. CR Laurence Co. Inc.

CR Laurence co. is another American-origin company that is providing a huge range of building materials and equipment. 

The customers have the choice to buy already manufactured products or customize thewholesale bath accessories on placing an order.  

5. Signature Hardware  

Signature hardware is a website that provides customers with quality bath accessories and many other home items. 

There is no minimum order limit on their website but provides free shipping on over the order of $99. 

They accept the returns due to damage or default orders

The customers can even visit their physical site but due to the current pandemic situation, confirm the appointment before visiting the site.


People cannot construct their homes daily so everyone wants to buy durable bath accessories like bath bombs, bath towels and other necessary items. 

To buy quality products, visit all the above options, before making any decision. The wholesale market places also have suppliers for quality bath accessories. 

If you have another better option then share it with us in the comment section. Your comment will be helpful for new business or who want to buy bath accessories for their home construction.

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