Popular Types of Video Games

Gamers are now spoiled for choices in regards to the number of games you can play and the multitude of genres the industry encompasses. Now, anyone can start online casino gaming and accumulate substantial prize money without having to get up from their chair.

Here are the most popular types of online video games this year.

Action Games

Action is a genre defined by quick thinking and reflexes. It can be a first person shooter, such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, a fighting game such as Smash Bros Ultimate or a puzzle game with a time limit.

Idle Games

Idle games actually run on their own with little to no required input from the user. After you do a few taps, you can let the game run in the background and it will progress.

The most popular idle games include Cookie Clicker, Tap Titans and Idle Miner Tycoon, among others.


RPGs have been around for a while but it’s in 2021 that the genre has really expanded and became mainstream.

Online RPGs and MMORPGs fall in the same category, and mobile games such as Genshin Impact, Diablo 3 and Final Fantasy are all considered role-playing in one way or another.

Sports Games

Sports fans who’ve always wanted to take control and manage a team will have their dreams come true, videogame wise. There are titles for basketball, tennis, football and even UFC.

Casino Games

Online casino games have really taken off since it was introduced. People could now play on the internet and against hundreds of thousands of casino enthusiasts and try to win some money.

Casino games are a dime a dozen, as are websites. It’s best to do a bit of research first before committing to a platform. However, you won’t go wrong when you choose http://fallingwhistles.com/ as your starting point.

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