Private Label Custom Gummies

There is little doubt that the supplement market is a massive one around the world. With all types of products from vitamins and minerals to CBD to exotic strains of herbs and plants available to the public. However, for a retailer or dispensary owner, separating your business from the competition is a vital component to building up a customer base. This is where private label custom gummies come into play. 

For businesses that provide supplements to their customers, being able to market custom formulas that are only available in their store offers a powerful sales advantage. But what are custom gummies, what benefits can they provide, and how can private label products help you? 

What are Custom Gummies? 

Custom gummies are exactly as advertised. They are gummies that contain a unique formula which can be sold directly to customers. The customization takes on two different paths. The formula of ingredients used to create the gummy and the shape and color of the gummy that is created. 

For retail store or dispensary owners, a custom gummy may contain a unique combination of ingredients, carry a unique shape and color that is only found in their store, or both. The advantages of having private label custom gummies are considerable, especially today when the cost of such products is quite low and competitively priced. 


The main benefit is that a custom gummy, particularly a private label that is unique to your store offers a product that is not available anywhere else. Such customized products can be the center of your marketing efforts, separating your store from the competition. But there are other benefits as well. 

Addressing a Specific Need: The old saying ‘do not sell a product, find a product that sells’ is based on reading the needs of your customers. By offering a customized product that has a large market base, you can more rapidly build up your business by offering customers what they want. 

This takes some time and research, but the benefits can be considerable when you offer a unique product that meets the needs of consumers. 

Promoting Your Business Brand: Imagine selling a gummy that has your logo design or unique color combination used for your marketing. That provides you yet another way to boost your business brand to consumers and help make them customers for the long-term. 

Vitapur Labs Private Label Custom Gummies

If you own a retail store or dispensary and are looking to add private label custom gummies to your shelves, Vitapur Labs is the one to call. Offering the best in gummy production, Vitapur Labs can create a line of custom gummies for your store. This is because Vitapur Labs can provide custom formulations based on popular types of supplements while also creating custom molds to make unique shapes and color combinations.

Vitapur Labs has everything you need to create private label custom gummies that help boost sales while fulfilling the needs of your customers. Call or contact Vitapur Labs today and find out more about how you can add custom gummies under a private label to maximize business for your establishment. 

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