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SARMs Before and After – What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

SARMs have been very popular these days, especially after numerous bloggers have posted their SARMs before and after results online for everyone to see. In fact, some people have reported gaining up to 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and even 20 pounds of muscle, depending on the SARMs dosage and cycle length.

But, there’s many different types of SARMs from RAD 140 to Ligandrol, to other more experimental ones such as YK-11 and MK-677. Which should you do for your cycle, and which will yield you the best results?

Well, in this article, we’d like to explore exactly what types of SARMs before and after results you can expect from your cycles, with pictures to prove it. So, with all of this being said and done, let’s get onto the good stuff.

Getting the Best Results

If you want to get the best results from your SARMs stack, you need to fully understand a few things first. If you want to gain the most muscle, with minimal side effects, then you need to follow these recommendations first.

  • SARMs Cycle Length: 8-12 Weeks
  • SARMs Cycle Dosage: Varies
  • Workout Routine: Increase Intensity
  • Diet: Increase Caloric Intake

Most people make the mistake of taking SARMs and expecting to get great before and after results, without actually putting in the work to get them.

SARMs work by binding to your androgen receptors, meaning they signal your body to build more muscle – so, if you work out hard and have a great diet in conjunction with taking SARMs, your results will be far better.

Ostarine Stack Before and After

The results above were posted by Jon Anthony who blogs at Masculine Development, and they were from a 90-day SARMs stack.

The SARMs stack consisted of the following:

  • Ostarine Dosage 25mg/day
  • Ligandrol Dosage 10mg/day
  • Cardarine Dosage 10mg/day

Jon Anthony reports that he gained 18 pounds of muscle and lost 7 pounds of bodyfat, which is quite impressive for a 90-day cycle of SARMs.

While, of course, Ostarine was likely responsible for most of these results, Ligandrol and Cardarine stacked with MK-2866 clearly helped even more.

RAD 140 Before and After

The image above was taken from another post by Jon Anthony, on his RAD 140 before and after results, which if you ask me were quite impressive. Testolone, sometimes more commonly known as RAD 140, is an extremely potent and powerful SARM that works by binding to your androgen receptors.

While much research has shown that Testolone, or RAD140, is a potent SARM with an anabolic ratio of 90:1, more research must be done on the long-term side effects – but that being said, the results you can get are incredible.

In just 60 days, this user put on 21 pounds of muscle and lost 12 pounds of body fat, from taking a dosage of 30mg of Testolone per day. Many users can expect to get similar results if they take as high of a dosage, while also working out and eating at a caloric surplus to gain the best results.

What SARMs Results to Expect

While these results are certainly impressive, it’s important to note that everyone will respond differently to SARMs. Our biology is different, down to each individual human being, so it’s impossible to predict how much muscle you’ll gain and how much fat you’ll lose with 100% accuracy.

That being said, most users can expect to gain at least 10 pounds of muscle from a SARMs cycle, if not even more. Many users report gaining up to 30 pounds of muscle, particularly from stronger SARMs such as YK11, although this still has to be verified in a scientific study, and more research must be done.

Here are what SARMs before and after results you can expect:

  • Ostarine Cycle: 15 Pounds of Muscle
  • Ligandrol Cycle: 10 Pounds of Muscle
  • RAD 140 Cycle: 20 Pounds of Muscle
  • YK-11 Results: 25 Pounds of Muscle
  • MK-677 Results: 20 Pounds of Muscle

If you decide to stack SARMs, you can potentially gain even more muscle, in which case we definitely recommend you use a SARMs PCT, as without one your natural testosterone levels may be hindered for 1-2 months post cycle, causing you to lose a lot of the gains you built on cycle.

Conclusion from IMC Grupo

In summary, you can expect very impressive SARMs before and after results if you are willing to put in the work with your workout routine and diet.

Depending on the SARMs you take, your before and after results will be different, particularly with stronger SARMs such as RAD 140 and YK-11.

As always, do be sure to consult with a medical healthcare professional, as many of these SARMs require more research regarding the long-term safety and effects.

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