Searching for the best digital signature app for documents

Getting a digital signature for electronic documents using a smartphone is not just a convenience, but also a quick and easy fulfillment of the stated requirement. Most of the tasks, which in the recent past could not be done without the presence and use of large computers or laptops, which took up a lot of space and could not always travel with the owner, are now solved in a fraction of minutes thanks to the presence of mobile phones.

The leaps and bounds of technology and the rapidly growing number of mobile devices combine to create a smart assistant. Now, it is difficult to list what a mobile phone cannot do, including the availability of interesting and useful applications and programs. One such advantage is the ability to create electronic signature software that many consumers enjoy using.

If you are one of those who suddenly found that signing or editing documents on a laptop or computer is no longer so comfortable, then most likely it’s time to think about the new purpose of a smartphone. Electronic document signing apps on smartphones eliminate the need to turn on and boot a computer to sign a single document.

What’s the best e-signature app?

The market for programs and applications is ready to provide a bunch of options for applications for creating an esignature, so finding something really high-quality and effective is not easy. As an example of a high-quality and simple interface and volumetric functionality, we can say about pandadoc. Any user can afford this application for a smartphone, as it works on a shareware basis. That is, it is possible to use a free package of services, or order a premium version, which opens up access to various interesting and useful functions.

PandaDoc guarantees a holistic approach to working with documents, you can even trace some similarities to Adobe. However, this application offers not only to leave an application for an e-signature, but also to create, fill out contracts and documentation, edit documents, leave offers, and so on.

Moreover, PandaDoc works with many payment systems including the famous PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc. This ensures seamless payment transactions within the e-signature application itself.

What many users will appreciate: the free package gives the user an unlimited number of signatures, which necessarily carry legal significance, the ability to track activities and support for payment transactions. But audit trail tools, drag and drop signature editor and templates are only in the premium package.

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