Select the Perfect Gold Jewelry: A Guide to 14K Vs. 18K Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has become increasingly popular among consumers recently, with dainty styles, particularly in vogue. It’s no secret that gold jewelry has become a staple of the fashion world, and many popular stylists have been seen sporting it. However, choosing between 18K and 14K gold jewelry can be difficult. Everything comes down to your preferences and expectations of jewelry. Stick around to learn more.

What Are 14K Gold Jewelry and 18K Gold Jewelry?

Beginning with the basics of understanding gold terminology, “k” stands for karat and represents the extent of purity of the gold. One karat is equivalent to 1/24th of the purest forms of gold, which is 24 parts in total. This way, you can measure the “purity” of gold with karats.

Using this measurement method, when you talk about real gold 14K chain, it means 14 out of 24 parts of pure gold. This makes around 59%, meaning that your jewelry contains 59% gold, and other metals like copper or silver make up the rest of the mass. Pure gold is not durable enough, so these metals add more to its strength. Similarly, getting your hands on 18K gold jewelry, such as 18 karat gold earrings,  gives you 75% pure gold.

14K Vs. 18K Gold Jewelry: What Are Differences?

Here’s a detailed comparison of 14K vs. 18K gold jewelry in the following aspects.

1. Color

The color of 14K gold jewelry is typically less bright than 18K gold jewelry. If you go for rose gold, you’ll find a major difference between the shades of both colors. 14K gold jewelry is pinker in color as compared to 18K gold.

2. Hardness

The hardness level of 18K generally lies at levels 2.8; however, 14K gold lies between 3.5 to 4 on the scale. The harder the gold, the stronger it is. As gold is a soft metal, it must be alloyed with silver or copper to gain strength and hardness. So, in other words, the purer the gold, the softer it is. If you’re looking for harder gold, go for 14K gold jewelry.

3. Durability

In contrast to 18K gold, 14K gold is more durable and resistant to scratches, bends, and scuffs. It is because it contains a higher percentage of other metals, which makes it harder and more robust. 14K gold jewelry fulfills most people’s requirements.

4. Price

The price of 18K gold is around 20% higher than that of 14K gold. This is why 14K gold is ideal for people on a budget. Although the purity level of 18K gold is much higher, it might cost you more than your budget.

14K Vs. 18K Gold Jewelry: How to Pick the Right One?

14K gold jewelry, the most commonly used type of jewelry made and used in the US, features affordable yet hard jewelry and makes about 90% of the gold used by wedding brands. It is considered a more comfortable and affordable pick for those with an active lifestyle or who need something to fit their occasional adornment requirements. However, for those looking for a premium quality timeless jewelry piece that can pass on to your children, 18K gold is a wise choice.

Where to Buy 18K Gold Jewelry and 14K Gold Jewelry

Finding a reliable supplier is crucial when buying premium gold jewelry. Not only does it ensure the quality and authenticity of the pieces, but it also helps build trust and satisfaction with the buying experience. One reliable supplier that stands out in the market is Vlove. Vlove is one of the most widely acknowledged suppliers of gold jewelry, including 14K and 18K gold chain necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Their team is always ready to answer any questions and help customers find the perfect piece of jewelry. With a user-friendly website and fast shipping, Vlove makes buying easy and convenient. Contact Vlove for delicate designs of the best 14K and 18K jewelry.

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