Sharing Your IP Address With Online Retailers Is Risky- Here’s Why

There has always been online insecurity loopholes since the inception of the internet. One of the ways your online security is at risk is by revealing your IP address.

In these modern days where most households continue embracing online shopping, (2019 e-retail sales worldwide amounted to $3.5 trillion) online threats continue to increase with the same pace. By mid June this year, FBI revealed they had received cyber crime related cases  totalling 12,377, a notable increase in number due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Also, we are in for holidays when most online retail shops offer back Friday deals and promotions right, left and center. This attracts a lot of online buyers and hackers in equal measure, even more reason to be extra cautious. Online safety is only guaranteed when you make it a priority. Why is it important to make your IP address anonymous or rather private when shopping online? Read on to find out.

Denied Access to Certain Sites

This may sound unbelievable but an online retail shop you have purchased from could prevent you from accessing competitor sites and all they need is your IP address. Besides such betrayal from your online retailer, any other party that gets their hands on your IP address could do the same  for reasons best known to them.

Attackers Could Track Down Your Location

Forget about online hackers and attackers, you also stand to get a visit from physical thieves. Someone who has your IP address could easily track down where you live and stage a theft. This is executable  after they have monitored your whereabouts to ensure you are not around. One more reason to never make your IP address public.

Impersonation or Identity Theft

One of the worst things that could happen to you. Why? If someone has access to your IP address, it becomes easy to gather your other personal information too. With this, they are able to steal your personal information and impersonate you, and can easily commit online fraud in your name. Should they succeed at it, authorities will run after you and you will without a doubt have a hard time proving it wasn’t you conducting online fraud.

Ransomware Situation

When a hacker gets hold of valuable information, they are at privilege of manipulating the situation to their benefit. This includes holding your most valuable details (mostly financial), at ransom (you are required to pay a certain amount of money to get your information back). You can easily become a victim of this if you continue exposing your IP address when shopping online. That’s when your financial details are exposed most, making you a target of ransomware.


Why risk exposing your IP address when you can easily protect it using a VPN during online shopping? A VPN simply masks your online identity, making you anonymous. There is always a VPN service for everyone, wherever you are. Are you looking for an Indian VPN for instance? You should look at this free india VPN Service guide and learn more about the most safe local options .

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