Should Manufacturing Companies Hire an SEO Agency?

There are quite a few industries where marketing is not necessarily the end-all be-all method for business success. For example, the medical sector will never go out of style, ensuring that most medical practitioners have plenty to work with no matter the situation. In similar ways, the manufacturing industry experiences the same type of demand, as while supply and demand ebbs and flows with time, there is always enough work to go around that the manufacturing companies do not have to worry about marketing.

That said, there have been quite a few sweeping changes over the past year that have shifted much of the way the business sector works. For example, dentists have found themselves having to use various search engine optimization (SEO) methods to regain a positive relationship with potential clients — something practically unheard of for the medical sector. There is no denying that the COVID-19 crisis has brought about plenty of new changes that begs the question: should manufacturing companies hire an SEO agency?

The use of manufacturing SEO companies is not an uncommon prospect, as there are plenty of benefits, even without the looming threat of the pandemic pushing everyone online. For most business owners, it is often better to have all bases covered, which is why it never hurts to make use of a decent SEO agency.

How startup owners are affected by an SEO agency

Of all the companies that have had to make changes to adapt to the different business landscape of the pandemic, startup owners are put in a precarious — yet advantageous — position. On the one hand, new company owners will have to make changes depending on the ever-shifting business sector. Even manufacturing companies would benefit greatly from search engine optimization due to how easily SEO solutions can help startups maintain a foothold.

On the other hand, there is very little foundation to actually change, as a startup technically does not have to worry about starting over from scratch. In essence, most startup owners are already starting from scratch, allowing them to take advantage of specific changes to the market or the Google algorithm.

For example, there is the Google Page Experience Update set to go live in May. The reason why it is such a big deal is that the algorithm is going to be updated to rank companies with user-friendly websites much higher based on several factors. It does not have to be said how crucial the Google algorithm is to just about every company, which is why so many businesses are working to improve the user experience (UX) of their business. For a new business, the startup owner can immediately get started on best-practice methods right off the bat, ensuring a fantastic start no matter the scenario. While there is plenty of competition to consider, the ability to get a great start based on research and the best manufacturing SEO companies provides a fantastic reason for new companies to get started.

How a single negative review can change everything

While the previous holiday season shows record numbers due to the volume of online shoppers, there are quite a few potential issues most companies can face. Considering that most online users will likely search for online reviews and testimonials before making any purchase or committing to a company, the idea that a single review can change everything is a much more real scenario than it seems. For a restaurant, all it can take is a single bad review from an influencer to derail a restaurant’s plan for immediate success.

In the same case, having any kind of negative feedback from clients will reflect poorly on the company, and even manufacturing companies cannot escape from such scrutiny. It can be a challenging hurdle to overcome, which is why online reputation management (ORM) is so crucial. Without the help of an SEO agency to maintain a positive relationship with the online masses, all it can take is a single negative review to pull much of the attention away from a company.

A flexible system for new businesses

As stated above, startups are bound to benefit more from SEO agencies than most business owners realize. That said, the reason why it also benefits just about every company is the fact that search engine optimization can be very flexible with their packages. If there is no need for a company to make full use of SEO methods, they can instead opt for the bare minimum, and it will reflect on the price. The reason why a startup can easily make use of the best SEO agencies is the fact that it does not cost too much to make use of the initial methods to help cement a company’s reputation.

Compare it to print or traditional marketing, where not only is it a hit-or-miss affair, but it can be quite expensive as well. It can be extremely challenging to make use of print marketing in this day and age, and it might not even be recommended for companies that focus on online products and services. For a manufacturing business, it can still benefit the company to go with print marketing due to local support, but the use of SEO offers a cheap method of securing quality online reputation management.

Aside from the reasons above, another best-practice method with SEO solutions involve geo-targeting — which can help smaller manufacturing businesses maintain a credible online presence with their target audience. After all, it is often better to narrow the list of clients to a city or town than risk being overshadowed by other competitors when marketing at a national level. While there are pros and cons for national marketing, in most cases, the best thing to do would be to connect with the locals who are most likely to avail the company’s services.

To answer the question, is the use of manufacturing SEO companies necessary for a manufacturing business to stay on the road of success? The answer is a resounding yes. While it might not have been immediately necessary years ago, the current state of the economy and the Internet makes things clear.

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