Show off With Poi Balls at Your Next Rave

Everyone knows that going to a rave is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. But for those that are hooked to all the night lights and loud music, can invest in the essential rave gear. LED poi balls are huge within the rave community and for a good reason. They are a lot of fun to use. Having fun filled nights are super important and studies have shown they are great for your mental health. So it is encouraged that you get out with your LED poi balls and bomb into the night.

Raves can be anywhere. From basements to music festivals, you literally can have a rave anywhere. While music festivals will draw bigger crowds, basement raves can be just as fun but in a different way. There will be lights and most likely loud music enveloping an excited crowd. Most of the time, the people are dressed in loud colors surrounded by lights.

LED poi balls have risen in popularity in recent years, simply because they are fun and easy to manage. Considering there are many different styles of poi balls, you have to consider just exactly what you want in this rave essential. Emazing Lights offers an array of poi balls at standard and reasonable prices.

Epoi Lite

The company’s best selling light, the Epoi Lite is super popular within the rave community simply because they are so easy to use. These lights will keep you busy having fun and spinning all night. They offer an ultra bright light that is great for music festivals and will make you stand out from the crowd. The manufacturer believes strongly in these lights and is offering a lifetime warranty and encourages users to reach out if they have any issues with this product. The Epi lights are great for both night and day use and illuminate both indoors and outdoors.

You can also customize your Epoi lints considering Emazing lights offers 20 different color and 12 flash pattern options. While that may seem like an overwhelming number to people who aren’t necessarily tech savvy– they are very user-friendly and easy to use. So you don’t have to worry about being out on the dance floor not knowing how to work this product. Chances are, you will pick up on how easy these are to use beforehand considering there is only one button to work with.

Epoi-A Brighter Way to Spin Balls

Emazing lights also offer the Epoi-A Brighter Way to Spin balls. Currently, they aren’t available for purchase on the company’s website considering they are sold out. But once they are available in the future, you should definitely consider this option. This option is 2 to 3 times brighter than traditional LED poi balls. They are also motion reactive, so they will energize any party. The soft and silicone shells also make them comfortable to work with while you are on the dance floor. Traditionally most lights are bulky and hard to manage. These are comfortable and easy to use in high stimulating situations that involve a lot of people.

Raves are fun and music festivals are great for the soul. While those that don’t attend raves have a hard time understanding the lifestyle, they probably would change their tune once they go to one.  If you are someone that loves a big party with all the lights and high-energy, you should definitely invest in some rave gear. There is nothing like getting into the moment and having complete and total fun. Life is short and going through the motions can be draining. Be sure to take the time out for yourself and experience all that you can.

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