Simon Tizon: Hollywood Media Executive Becomes A Well-Known Influencer

Humanity leads the world to be a better place to live as it teaches us to help others and gives many chances to be the great person every day.  As human beings, we should help people without any conditions and terms because it gives you inner peace and joy forever. The best thing about doing well to others is that there is not only that people gaining advantages from you, but it also contains a bank of perks for you in it. Most people are not blessed as you regarding health or wealth issues, so one should that is lucky with these things must help people improve their lives.

Today, we are talking about a personality who helps others selflessly and makes lives of so many humans named Simon Tizon, one of the top 20 businessmen in the world on Yahoo finance. He is the founder of a PR company called CrushN Media, which provides a platform for influencers who go unnoticed by others.

His Early Life and Journey                   

Simon Tizon opened his eyes to penury, and he faced many challenges in his early life because of poverty. So from childhood, he wanted to do something extraordinary that will change his life and fate. He tried and struggled for improving his livelihood, but all goes in vain, and literally, he was homeless at the age of 27. But after three years, he reached the place where he wanted to be from his early life and showed his value to the world. As an entrepreneur, he decided to create a forum for helping others by telling about his own life struggles and how he fulfilled his dreams.

His Company and its Aims: 

With helping and doing good to others, Simon made his full assembled digital marketing company that is providing various facilities to grow profitable marketing plans using Google and search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and public relations. Today, he works with hundreds of his clients, growing their business and helping them live blessed lives ahead.  He is mostly helping London influencers achieve tremendous recognition online because they remain invisible among more significant business people.  Influencer struggles massively to gain acceptability they actually deserve on social media platforms, so that’s why Simon decided to make a digital company that will help influencers be more famous socially.

In his recent interview, he told three steps to influencers to escalate their existence on social tenets: first of all, one should generate a Google knowledge graph, which will tell Google that you are a notable person. The second step is to capture news articles that share your tale to society, and the last step is to engender content daily because the more you produce more, you become famous. According to Simon, if you follow these steps, they will help you a lot in becoming a successful influencer.

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