Simple steps to pick a good domain name

Choosing the right domain name is not an easy task. Domain names are generally easy to find. However, if you want a perfect name that suits your business needs, then it can be challenging to do so.

Although the task can be challenging, it is not impossible. There are many online platforms such as Simply, which can be used to pick the right domain name. This article will guide you over the simple steps which can be taken into account in order to pick a domain name which suits your needs:

1. Use keywords

The domain name will only remain effective if it contains keywords. This means that the content which is available within the website must be reflect in the domain name b way of a keyword. Thus, if you are running a plumbing business, you can use keywords which are related to plumbing or plumbers. This can help you in multiple ways. Nevertheless, this is not an absolute rule since there are many huge companies which do not have keywords in their domain name.

2. It should be concise

The next step is that a good domain name should always be concise. It should be simple and short. Make sure the name is easier to type and can be remembered by people easily. Otherwise, the visitors can end up at other websites by mistake. If you go through popular domain names, you will find a common trend that the name is often not more than 8-10 characters. If there are keywords, make sure you combine it properly to make it concise.

3. Look into alternatives

Once you have a list of possibilities of domain, the next thing is to look out for suffixes. The most common ones are “.com”.  However, it is very difficult to find such extensions. Thus, you should be ready to looking out alternative domains. This can be done by going through the domain registrars. The list will contain all the relevant information, including the pricing of the domain.

4. Do not purchase right away

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with domain names is to purchase them right away. Take a little time. There are multiple web hosting providers which will enable you to create the website without a permanent domain. You can use temporary domain till a permanent domain is received. Thus, always make sure that you do proper research, in relation to effectiveness and pricing of the domain before making the right choice.

5. Availability of social network

Just the domain availability is not enough in this day and age. You need to consider the social media. There is not point of finding a name which although is available for websites but not for social media accounts. You need to know exactly which social media accounts will use the same domain name. Ensure that the domain name is also available on social media. This will ensure consistency and exhibit better professionalism.

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