[Solved] Video File is Too Big To Post To Social Media? Resizing Video Without Quality Loss

At one time or another all of us has had to deal with this issue. Profile videos that are too large for the platform to accept. Emails that fail to send because you cannot get the video file to attach. Devices today are commonly of such excellent quality that it is hard to keep the same levels when you try to upload it. That is, of course, unless you use a program that has been designed for the task. WinX Video Converter is one of those types of programs, and it can be downloaded for free from their website. (Follow the link below).

To reduce the size of the video, without losing quality, you will want to avoid the older ways of reducing it. You do not want to lower the quality by downloading it at a lower setting. This is a straightforward way to fix the problem, but you will see the difference between it and the original. You also will want to avoid decreasing the resolution of the video because you will have the same problem.

When you are talking about email files there are two quite simple ways in which to send a video file, without losing quality. The first way is to convert the file to a zip file. This will compress the entire file down to a size that can be attached to the email. Once it is sent, the receiver can simply unzip the file. They will have the video at its original level of quality. The second way to instantly send videos through email is to add a link to your video so they can open it directly through their browser.

Using a program to shrink video file size is the easiest way to ensure that you can upload to any platform. It will also make it possible for viewers to use any type of device to watch it. This is made possible through the program menu. You will be able to choose the format that you want to change the video to. You can use the basic MP4 setting that allows many devices to view from, or you can make a copy that is designed specifically for one type of device.

Compressing the file, within the program, is easy to do. WinX Video Converter can take a 4k video and reduce it down to a size that can be uploaded to any website or platform. A common size, according to Sprout Social, is 1080p/780p, but you can play around with this until you find the perfect size for you. If your viewers can watch your video in a clear, enjoyable way then your task has been done correctly.

Resizing a video to make it viewable to all devices requires a combination of steps in the program. You will first be required to upload the video, or you can drag and drop it. You will then be asked to choose the format that you want it to be viewed in. The last step will be to compress the video. This allows you to upload the file, but the program adjusts it in such a way that it keeps the quality intact.

You may even choose to make several different formats, and compression sizes, to upload on different platforms designed for specific devices, such as Xbox or PlayStation. If this is the case, remember the one golden rule of making copies. Always use the original to make a copy. Never use a copy to make a copy. Each time that you make a duplicate you lose a small amount of clarity and quality. If you use the original file each and every time you make a copy, you will be able to guarantee that the quality is not lost.

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