Study Smarter With These 7 Apps

School can be very challenging. You have to learn to balance your personal responsibilities alongside attending classes, doing assignments, reading for assessments and exams, and having a social life. It can be crazy-making doing these things without the help of planners and some of the apps available for students today. Picking an application to help you study smarter and make your school life easier can also be an overwhelming task seeing as there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of apps to pick from. Here are seven apps you can start with.


If you struggle to find time for all the things that are expected of you, this app is a must-have. This is especially true if you have a schedule that repeats itself weekly. TimeTune allows you to visualize how you spend your time every day so that you can make the most out of your time. You can factor in aspects such as sleep, commutes, and classes to know how much time you have left to do everything else. It also has a reminder feature that will remind you before the start and end of events so that you are better equipped to move through your day smoothly.

PomoDone App

Procrastination is a problem many people face. Many times it’s because the task seems overwhelming and like it may take too long. With the Pomodoro technique, you choose to focus on working on the task for 25 minutes only (or the time of your choice) then take a break. PomoDoneApp is one app that allows you to use the Pomodoro technique to manage your tasks. It will enable you to integrate it with several apps like Google Calendar and Evernote. You will be able to see how much time you spent strictly focusing on your tasks so that you can easily predict how long it will take you to do the same tasks in the future.


If you struggle with distractions, this is an app you should consider getting. Maybe you find yourself logging into Amazon or Facebook during classes or replying to your Whatsapp messages during study sessions. Science shows that distractions decrease your ability to concentrate when you come back to the task. Freedom will help you stay focused on your Pomodoro or class by blocking you from accessing certain websites and applications for a set time. You can use it across multiple devices and can have a set schedule or set it on the go. Whatever you use it for, you will be able to focus entirely on your work without any distractions so that you get the most of your time.


If you write many essays and research papers, you definitely know how annoying it is to write reference lists. EasyBib understands your frustration and is here to help you. While writing your essay or conducting your research, use your phone camera to scan the book’s, journal’s, or magazine’s bar code, and EasyBib will generate a reference for you. Once done, email it to yourself or a friend, then copy the list to your essay. Writing essays has never been easier.


You have received that personal statement from an admission essay writing service or have written the essay yourself and want to make sure that the grammar is impeccable and that there is no plagiarism before sending it to your teacher, use Grammarly. With this app, you will be able to make grammatical, spelling, and general writing corrections so that your work looks professional. You can use it directly on your Microsoft Word application or attach it to your browser so that it edits everything from your emails to your Facebook posts. Never send an embarrassing typo again.


Who says learning has to be boring? Who says that you have to go through pages upon pages of notes to grasp content? Introducing Quizlet. Create flashcards or use those created by other students like you to gamify your learning and make it enjoyable. You can even create flashcards and share them with your classmates to make the learning more collaborative. Whether you are learning science, history, or a language, there are many available flashcards you can use to make sure that you are test-ready effortlessly before your assessments.

This list would not be complete without a task manager. is a fantastic task planner that you will find infinitely helpful. You can organize your tasks into groups, set reminders, and integrate a calendar. You can access your tasks over multiple devices so that you never forget a job again. One way a student can use it is to break down assignments into parts then work on them piecewise until the task is done.

School life does not have to be a nightmare. With the correct time management and the right app by your side, you may be able to ace through your classes without any stress. Try them out today; you will not regret it.

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