Surprise Your Loved Ones with Galaxy Rose

Nothing can be better than offering a unique gift to your dear friend, spouse, relative or a favorite colleague. It shouldn’t be something ordinary. Thinking out of the box can be really fun. Why not choose a gift that totally surprises them and they like it too. What about a galaxy rose? This is going to be an awesome present they would ever have from you on a memorable event.

Galaxy Rose is a wonderful item to gift on any occasion. It’s an anniversary, birthday, promotion day, wedding or something else, you can buy a rose. It’s not only going to make your dear one happy but they’ll also be amazed at your choice.

What’s galaxy rose

A Galaxy Rose is a polyethylene rose. Its hand crafted and decorated. These can be coated with 24k gold foil and another holographic coating. This process makes them shiny and sparkly. A team of experts craft them in the shape of a rose. They make petals, leaves and stalk. They are the artists who create beautiful designs in various styles and colors. Some are made with metals, others with silk and some with crystals.  These are not natural roses and look great as a present.

Love symbol

Many people may not know that the rose is a sign of affection and love. It reflects your deep feelings for the person you’re offering it to. It reveals that you are in love with him and they must cherish this beautiful gift. For a long time, roses have been associated with love and they are considered a great present to give anytime to the person you love the most.

Strong impact

Galaxy roses are not ordinary flowers. They are something beyond. They leave a deep impact and are liked by everyone. They are good to give on any event. They make the day a memorable one. They are love symbol and remain vivid in the mind of your loved ones. It’s time to make a strong impression and make them feel special. Get a galaxy rose and offer as a gift. Don’t forget to write a wish and a brief note with the flower to make it even more special. The person would know how you feel about him.


There are various colors in galaxy roses. Choosing soft shades is good as it looks graceful and is soothing to the eyes. Light tones are cool and beautiful. Prefer the choice of the person you’re giving it to rather than your own taste. Pink is good if you want it for a friend. Blue is romantic and is great for your wife or fiancé. Gold is more royal and it goes well for your loved ones too.

Home decor

When your loved ones will receive the rose from you, they can place it in a beautiful vase. It can be set anywhere in the living room, bedroom or even kitchen. It should stay there as a sign of your true love and deep affection. It’s a perfect home decor item that will instantly spruce up the ordinary look of the room.

Galaxy Crystal

The roses made with crystal are truly amazing. They are intriguing and lovely. You’d like its shiny finish. The clear surface gives a nice sparkle to it. It looks royal when placed in the right area.

LED Silk roses

LED silk enchanted roses are another great variation in galaxy rose. They are good to go for any event. They’re a true reflection of romance and royalty. They are more formal than their crystal version. The silk gives a nice glow and a perfect finish. The LED makes them light for as long as you wish. They enhance the beauty and make them more fascinating.  If your loved one is a woman, silk roses will be a great option. Buy one or multiple to offer them.

Buy online

Why wander in the mall to find a galaxy rose. It’s available online at various stores. Just surf the web and look for the most suitable one like glaxayroseforever.com. You can buy in quantity as well to make a bunch. But single looks gorgeous. A pair can also do the job perfectly. It all depends on your choice. No strict rules about the number and size. The price varies from one seller to another.  Those with LED and glass domes are more expensive than those in boxes. But the price is worth it.


They come in attractive boxes that are absolutely mesmerizing. These are lovely packings that will be surprising for the receiver.

The best ones are those in glass domes. They have a beautiful curved edge on the top and a flat base. There’s a wooden bottom that makes them rest in any area. It’s also durable and lasts longer than you can imagine. Dome design goes great with any ambience of the room. Roses in glass domes are more beautiful than those in boxes. They make up a perfect decorative item for the home.

Lighted roses in glass domes look truly romantic. They can take the place of table lamps in the room as they emit light.

Make your special days even more special with the galaxy rose of your choice. Choose the colors and style carefully and let’s hope it will surprise your dear one in a unique way. Make the time memorable and buy fabulous roses that are lovelier than the natural ones. Go online now and navigate through all the varieties available. Buy one that’s the best and the most suitable. For a more impressive effect, buy a rose with a glass dome because it’s attractive and gorgeous. Roses packed in the boxes aren’t recommended for someone special. The box will eventually go into trash and the flower into the vase. The vases are a common decorative item. The clear round domes are quite unique as well as awesome. So, choose one.

Surprise your loved ones with galaxy roses and express your deep feelings of love and affection to them.

Galaxy rose is made of silk or crystal. Some are coated with gold foil with a metallic finish. These are perfect for any occasion. Buy them now and let’s embark on the journey of surprise with your loved ones.

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