Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

Many people assume that playing video games in a waste of time. However, in reality, there are so many benefits of doing the same.

College students use video games as a way to bond with friends. Once you ensure homework done, you can always use your free time to socialize.

They’re very many people whose thinking capacity have improved because of the video games they play. Video games have come a long way, and each year they get better and better.

Today, it’s no longer just about passing time. Students get into tournaments, and there are prices that winners get. This is also an ideal way of dealing with anxiety in college. When your mind is active, you won’t remember to worry about the unknown.

Here are some of the surprising benefits of playing video games.

Two Person Playing Sony Ps4

1. Video Games are producing better Surgeons

Talk about surprising! The precision of video games teaches medical students to be better surgeons. Anyone who has played an advanced level will tell you that video games sharpen your focus.

When you’re hell-bent on winning, every never on your body will focus on making the right moves. You’ll also learn to think fast on your feet because the action will be very fast.

This translates well in surgery rooms because surgeons are at their best when they can focus squarely on the task at hand.

2. Video Games Could Help People Overcome Dyslexia

Even though a small percentage of the world’s population suffers from dyslexia, it is a real problem. Dyslexia greatly affects the quality of your life because it slows you down. Since video games have specific targets, gamers have to focus on, playing often helps students with dyslexia to get better.

Over time, you’ll realize that your attention gets better and you’re able to focus over a long period of time.

3. Video Games Could Improve Your Vision

Many people assume that spending time in from of a screen could damage your eyes. However, since video games are about paying attention to the details, over time you’ll realize that your vision is improving.

Video games reinforce the perspective that even the smallest details matter. Keenness to detail is a valuable skill to have regardless of the industry you want to end up in.

4. Video Games Could Help You be a Better Leader

When playing video games, you need to learn how to make the right choices in a split second. This is a virtue that comes in handy when you want to be a leader.

Many students have a hard time leading the rest because they have to make tough decisions. Playing video games gets you accustomed to deciding which is a lesser evil in different situations.

5. Video Games Could Pique Your Interest in History

Many video games are adaptations from history books. When you play the games, it’s almost as though you’re experiencing history.

To be a better play, many students read the history books to learn more about the game. This gives you the incentive to learn about something new whether or not you’re a history student.

6. Video Games Can Get kids Active

Parents should encourage their kids to be active because every child needs playtime for proper development.

Make sure you purchase age-appropriate video games that your child can play with his or her friends.

7. Video Games Might Slow Down Aging

Have you heard of the phrase young at heart? I bet you have! Video games are exercises for the brain that keep the mind active even at later age. Allowing your brain to solve puzzles often boosts your memory and keeps you agile.

8. Video Games Might Help Ease Pain

When you’re focused on playing a video game, you distract your mind from the pain you’re feeling. This is an excellent pain reliever because you won’t even have to use plain killers.

Additionally, when you play, your brain releases analgesics which are natural pain killers. The more immersed you’re in the game, the better because your higher cortal system will focus on relieving the pain you have.

9. Video Games Can Help Socialize

For students who have a hard time socializing, video games are the perfect solution. You can easily make new friends through video game sessions. Once the game is done, you’ll have the perfect conversation starter. Over time, you’ll be able to talk about other things aside from the video game.

10. Video Games Can Help Improve Balance in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Since this is a disorder that affects several nerves, these patients have difficulties with balance. Playing video games engages different nerves and helps these students improve their balance.


Playing video games has many benefits for students. This is an excellent way of socializing for anyone who is socially awkward. Parents should encourage their kids to play video games as it helps them stay active.

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