Sydney Software Development Company – Software Development Costs and Factors Affecting its Price

Sydney is known as a top hub for software development and houses top-notch software developers who are capable of delivering software development services with perfection. Knowing the demands of clients and meeting their expectations is not easy, but every Sydney software development company holds a high name in fulfilling the same.

However, the pricing of getting the software developed may vary from company to company. Hence, cost estimation is not easy. Several factors play a key role in the determination of the overall cost.  Here we are going to tell some technical and non-technical factors that may influence the overall cost.

Technical Factors that Influence the Cost of Software Development

May it be rolling out updates from time to time or improving the capability of a piece of software to meet the existing challenges, developers have to center the whole software development cycle on those specifications to meet clients’ expectations; all these things can further add up to the cost of software development.

For instance, a client may want a piece of software to run either on a specific platform or multiple platforms. Likewise, they may also want the resulting application to have a specific design and front-end or back-end features. 

The sum of these technical factors plays a part in determining the overall costing involved in the development of software applications.


Web, Android, and iOS are currently the three popular platforms for software development. To run an app smoothly on these platforms, it is important to ensure its development based on the compatible programming language.

Unless a developer makes software that is compatible with multiple platforms, it can only operate on any one of the aforementioned choices. For instance, software that is meant for the Android platform will not be compatible with the iOS operating system. Likewise, you cannot run web-based software on the Android or iOS platforms.

Cross-platform software supports multiple platforms. The development of such software is costlier in comparison to the ones that run on a single platform.

UI/UX Design

What meets your eye immediately when you launch software? Of course, you are more likely to look at its visual design before checking out its other features. A visually pleasing design has the potential to build the first impression for a brand in the mind of users always matters the most.

Identifying the top-notch design for an app not only demands time but also effort on the part of developers. Hence, the selection of UI/UX design plays a role and adds up to the overall cost for the development of a piece of software.


The functioning of software depends on front-end as well as back-end development. The former is the part that users can see and with which they can communicate. 

On the other hand, the back end involves a server. It accepts user input or data and sends an output or result based on the interaction of the user data with the server. From the registration of user accounts to determining the correctness of the login credentials of user accounts, the back end plays a significant role in the functioning of web-based applications.

The development of Android software is more than the iOS platform due to a greater number of Android users. Hence, the cost of the development of Android software is costlier than iOS software.


Technical flaws in software can have a negative influence on user experience. Testing software before releasing it can help identify the existing flaws in it. Not only does it enable developers to correct the existing technical glitches but also ensure user-friendliness and the availability of all the functionalities while using an application.

Non-Technical factors that influence the cost of software development


A software development project involves a team of programmers and developers, depending on its complexity. The management team of a software development company considers this criterion while assigning a project to either a junior or a senior development professional. 


Like the experience of the professionals, location also reflects in the pricing policies of software development companies. It may vary from one location to the other. Generally, North American companies charge a higher fee than the ones in Sydney and Asia. Thus, picking on a company based in Sydney can get your projects developed at better and pocket-friendly prices.

Final Thoughts

Both technical and non-technical factors play a role in the cost estimation for software development. Every Sydney software development company uses the aforementioned criteria while sending a quote to a client. The list may also involve some additional factors, but it depends on the nature of a project. Thus, a company may need to discuss the details of a software development project before inking a deal with its client.  

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