Tabler, a New App that Lets You Join The Future Party

While nightlife establishments around the world remain closed, many of us reminisce on life before virtual parties and longingly await the chance to come together again. When nightlife doors inevitably reopen in the future, Tabler – emerging nightlife social networking and sharing economy app – will be connecting people with hosts of private tables (whom the app’s Co-Founder’s call “Tabler’s”) in the world’s most glamorous nightclubs and bars, to join an exclusive party, create memories, and build a strong network of VIP experience enthusiasts around the world.

The elephant in the room – Of course, due to the current social distancing regulations set forth in response to COVID-19, Tabler’s original purpose of bringing people together isn’t fairing out. Friends, family members, and advisors urged Co-Founders, Deni and Alan Eferl, to push out their August 2020 launch date due to nightlife closures. Their loved ones feared that, without timely demand, the time and resources invested in Tabler would be exhausted. Instead of only basing success on what Tabler can achieve for themselves, the Eferl’s saw an opportunity to help their community of nightlife businesses during COVID-19. Tabler’s (private table owners/hosts) can purchase a table from nightclubs in advance, anticipating when their reopen date might be, then post the party details in the Tabler app, where users can discover and request to join (and help pay for) the future party.

Tabler’s design is AirBnB meets Bumble – Discover authentic experiences around the world, hosted by locals, and develop a network of interesting people. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Tabler is set to launch the soft version in July, in order to start providing free network and social media marketing for nightlife businesses, as they work towards weathering the COVID-19 storm. ​The soft launch will include features that pivot from the pre-COVID strategy.

  1. A platform for nightlife establishments to continue marketing their business and generate revenue during the pandemic
  1. A sharing economy platform for 10-person maximum​ physical-distancing-friendly parties

Tabler’s upcoming July launch will also empower users to interact with a wider social network of like-minded experience seekers, while complying with ​physical distancing orders. As the Eferl’s say, “The hope is that [Tabler] ​will give those of us “staying at home” a purposeful way of easing back into society.” With a restriction of 10 people, Tabler will also allow “Tabler’s” to create their own quarantine-safe event from a private location, such as their residence. Using a “private table share” setting, you and your nearby loved ones can plan, invite, and pay for a night “out”, at home. Plan it at your house, apartment pool or rooftop, and Tabler will allow you to send invitations out to your peers and determine a price for you and your friends to split, helping the “Tabler” cover food, beverage, and other event costs, without needing to send separate payment requests to individual attendees.

Tabler was built with the vision of bringing people together to share in impressive experiences and lifelong memories. Tabler’s evolution, charged by COVID-19 reactions, takes the Eferl’s vision in the direction of social good – helping nightlife business owners survive the economic downturn and “Stay At Home” initiative. Tabler has not only redirected their mission to give back to their community of small business owners; they are also showing us a glimmer of hope, that there will be a time soon when we can close the distance between one another, and dance side-by-side again.

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