Tech Trends in Medicine and Healthcare

Advances in technology is always exciting, especially when it involves the healthcare and medicine industry. We can look forward to better care as we go through 2020 with these innovations and trends.


Network speed and quality are directly related to healthcare centers and providers’ quality of care. This aspect becomes even more important in under-served and remote areas around the globe.

5G can help those who are in medical mission trips by giving them faster data transmission speeds for use in IoT, artificial intelligence, advice, monitoring and treatment delivery. The accelerated process will be somewhat equal to the level of care given in the city or even in developed countries.

3D Printing

3D printing is an exciting foray into the world of healthcare. Its application is many, e.g., research, manufacturing, customization and prototyping. Even more astounding is the fact that medical experts such as orthopedics and surgeons can make use of ‘prosthetics’, or devices that could replace a limb, organ or bone with a 3D printer and human-safe materials.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech has evolved from telling you the number of steps you’ve taken to reading your heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure and more. In cases of abnormalities, these smart devices send out alerts and notifications so you can seek medical attention right away.

As processors are getting smaller, wearable tech can only expand in an exponential manner. Forward-thinking innovators are looking into clothes that can provide heat when it’s cold outside and allow body heat to dissipate better under hot and humid conditions.

Machine Learning

Machine learning can remove human errors in diagnostics and identifying diseases, as well as provide a crowdsourcing platform for improved efficiency and treatment plans. Big data, coupled with AI and machine learning can help patients with clinical problems faster and with greater accuracy. Its ability to learn and provide answers is only limited by its computational power.​​​​​​

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