Technologies Behind Online Gaming Transactions

The success of the online gambling industry can be traced directly to the adaptation of new technology and the use of the latest advancements to improve sites. Through the use of technology, online gambling has becoming more popular as the games have become easier, more accessible and more convenient. The games themselves haven’t changed drastically as the focus has principally been on improving the experience for users.

Technological advancement has been responsible for increased convenience for mobile users making gambling accessible at all times. Security has improved both in terms of the sites and in payment modes. Thanks to advanced technology, money transactions including deposit and withdrawal of winnings have become instantaneous. Instant wire transfer casino sites are now the norm.

Here are some of the technologies that have influenced the online gaming industry.

Web security technology

Security software is what makes sure that a site is safe and transactions on it do not get compromised. Online casinos use different sorts of web security technology. The most common is SSL encryption. It encrypts data shared between the user and the casino to prevent third parties from accessing information that they may use to steal funds or the identity of the user.

Some casinos use two-factor authentication(2FA). This requires a user to give two or more pieces of evidence before they can log into an account. The extra step serves to keep off threats.

Fair gameplay technology

Thanks to technology, casinos can make games that are fair to the players. Casinos make use of software that makes gameplay fair. Slot machines and table games that need shuffling of cards use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to produce game outcomes. Since RNGs do not need external input to generate the results, players are assured that the game results are not manipulated or controlled. This means that the games are programmed to generate random results and they are based on luck.

Casinos also use provably fair games technologies which allow for integrity testing. A widget is used to examine codes generated in a game.

Mobile casino software

More than three billion people in the world use smartphones. A couple millions of the users use them to play online casino games. Recent technology advancements allow developers to produce games optimized to work on mobile. One of the key advancements has been the creation of the language HTML5 used to stream in web browsers. It allowed developers to customise games to work on mobile platforms by making adaptations such as configuration of sites and graphics to fit on smartphone screens.

Thanks to technology, mobile gaming is more accessible and gamers can make wagers even on the go. Most of the reputable online casinos are now offering mobile versions and applications of their platforms in order to penetrate deeper into the market.

Payment security

The security of personal data especially financial data has always been a serious concern when playing online casino. A lot of players are wary of third parties accessing their data and using it to steal their money or identity. Over the years, many different modes of payment have been introduced to online casinos. These payment methods are used to deposit money into casinos and withdraw winnings.

Technology has allowed for improved security and increased choices for users. Gamers can transact with their debit or credit cards but can also use digital wallets like PayPal and Skrill to add security to their transactions. Digital wallets make sure to only partner with licensed casinos that they consider secure.

One of the latest technological advancement to the industry is cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. The digital currency is now used as a mode of payment in most casinos. It is becoming the preferred mode because it has the advantage of being more anonymous, secure, easy to use and has lower transaction fees. There are several kinds of crypto including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple with casinos providing players with the convenience of one or more.

Cryptos go hand in hand with Blockchain technology that allows transfer of the currency through a ‘peer to peer’ (P2P network and serves as a ledger for transactions in cryptocurrency.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Technology has allowed users an immersive experience as though they were in brick and mortar establishments. 

Virtual Reality technology allows players to interact with an entirely virtual world as though they are literally inside the game. Casinos set up suites with live dealers and allows players to have real experiences interacting with the dealers. They can even walk from table to table as they chat.

Augmented reality augments the environment by placing virtual objects in your real-world environment.

While the technology is developing in the online casino world, some select venues are starting to experiment with VR and AR. It is likely that they will continue to be a central theme for innovation, as supporting hardware continues to catch up, we are bound to see more and the technology may even become industry standard. It is expected that in the near future, some casino will have complete VR setups for players.

Overall, technology has made the online casino experience more available, fun, secure and convenient. As the technology continues to advance the casinos are expected to keep up and continue to be even more seamless.

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