Technologies That Have Made Online Games Popular

Ever since 1894, when the first modern slot machine was invented, slots have been one of the most popular games in renowned casinos around the world. Millions of players love nothing more than pulling the lever, watching the reels spin, and waiting in anticipation to see what luck has in store for them.

And since the introduction of some new technologies, slots popularity has climbed to even greater heights. With nothing more than internet access, you can join UK slots online and play to your heart’s content.

Online slots are at times even more immersive than the real thing, especially now during the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, travel restrictions, and more. But, what are the precise technologies that have so impacted the popularity of online slots? Let’s take a look.

Mobile Development

Mobile development has affected virtually every sphere of our lives – from how we shop to how we find local businesses and how we entertain ourselves. Over half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and much of that traffic is due to gaming.

You can enjoy mobile games on the go wherever you are. They’re convenient, entertaining, and highly immersive. They’re one of the primary reasons why online slots became so popular.

You don’t even have to download anything to enjoy an adventurous game of slots on mobile. As long as your phone’s connected to the internet, you can join mobile-optimized sites like ICE36 casino UK and start playing slots while you’re waiting in line at the bank, having your lunch break, or riding the train.

Considering just how vital smartphones have become, online casinos are constantly upgrading their sites to offer a seamless mobile experience to their visitors, so you can rest assured that mobile slots are top-of-the-line. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was one of the most highly anticipated technologies to hit the market. The experience you get through VR is incomparable to anything else. Even real-world casinos aren’t quite so mesmerizing as those in VR.

If you’re not familiar with the tech, VR involves using specialized headsets and accessories that block out the outside world and immerse you into the video game. As the tech is quite responsive, it won’t take more than a few seconds to adjust to it and feel like you’re in this amazing virtual world that feels so real.

It’s pretty obvious why VR technology has impacted online slots, especially now during the pandemic. You’ll feel like you’re in one of the world’s most luxurious casinos without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

As VR advances, online slots are set to become more popular than ever.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is somewhat similar to VR, but still quite different. Instead of blocking out the real world, AR superimposes virtual elements over the real-world elements. AR tech is used for all those excellent filters on Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, for Pokemon GO games, and more.

With a good smartphone camera and cutting-edge AR tech, you can transform your home into an enchanting casino. You can place virtual slot machines right in your living room by the bookshelves or enjoy spinning the reels in your backyard.

Both AR and VR have a ways to go before they become truly photorealistic, but they’re already attracting slot enthusiasts who are on the stay-at-home orders.

Blockchain for Safe Transactions

Although there are many free online casino games you can join, many more require monetary transactions. Otherwise, you’d have no way of collecting real-world winnings and making your slots talents actually pay off.

Unfortunately, since there are quite a few spammy casino sites out there, many slot enthusiasts were put off by the consensus that it’s unsafe to make real transactions with online casinos. And this is where Blockchain technology stepped in.

The best online casinos rely on Blockchain technology to ensure the utmost safety and security of all transactions. It’s a complex solution that’s virtually impossible to corrupt or change, so you’ll know your money is safe when your favorite site relies on Blockchain.

Design & Modelling

Finally, 3D designs and modeling have certainly impacted the popularity of slots. Design and modeling are critical for ensuring that AR and VR technologies offer completely immersive experiences. Without 3D designs, you’d have no photorealistic virtual slots that fit perfectly in your living room.

Moreover, advances in design and modeling are what’s making online slots so visually pleasing. All the spinning reels, sounds, animations when you’ve hit the Jackpot – they’re all perfectly designed to offer the best, most realistic experience that’s so authentic.


Technological advances have played a major part in making online slots so popular among millions of people around the world. Online casinos keep relying on new tech to deliver amazing new experiences that draw you in and offer unmatched entertainment.

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