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The 5 Best Tooth-Friendly Sweet Foods for Snacking

Everyone loves to snack. However, not all snacks are healthy or good for our teeth.

Dental checkups by a good dental hygienist like Park Road Dentist Muswell Hill Smile in London will help prevent cavities, plaque and tartar buildup, and they will suggest useful remedies that foster dental health. 

So, it is equally important for both children and adults to know about the best snacks they can eat between meals without having to worry about their dental health:

1. Sweet carrots supply vitamins and remove plaque

Small carrots are a handy snack that is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Their crunchy texture helps clean plaque and sugar buildup. If chewing hard foods like baby carrots gives you or your child toothaches, you need to book an appointment with a good dental hygienist for a checkup and possible emergency treatments immediately.

2. Crunchy apple slices remove plaque and tartar

Snacking on fresh apples helps in removing plaque buildup. The apple acts as a toothbrush that shines your teeth and removes bad breath-causing bacteria effectively.

3. Yogurt fights bad breath

Yogurt is becoming a very popular snack, which can be found in many cafes as a take-away treat. It’s tasty, full of protein and great for fighting bacteria that cause halitosis and periodontitis. Adding healthy fresh fruits like blueberries, apples, and nuts to the yogurt also increases its nutritional value.

4. Dark chocolate can be tooth-friendly snack

You won’t believe it, but another perfect snack for young and old is dark chocolate (70%) without added sugar obviously. Make sure it doesn’t contain caramel and nougat. If you or your child wear dental braces, make sure to consult the best orthodontist before having chocolate as part of your diet to avoid side effects.

5. A cheesy traditional snack rich in teeth-building calcium and phosphorous

Cheese is an all-time favourite snack, especially in combination with grapes or sandwiches. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus, and cheese helps in neutralizing the mouth pH. For healthy mouths and gums, you can choose different types of organic cheeses that will cater to fill you up in your breaks.

Being mindful of which kinds of snacks you or your family eat is a necessary investment for your and their dental health. Now that you know some of the healthiest natural snacks for your teeth, make sure they’re part of your daily snacking routine to foster optimal dental health and avoid cavities, plaque and tartar buildup.

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