The Best Time-Wasting Applications Around

Just because an application or game doesn’t make the top 25 list doesn’t make it a piece of junk. There are hidden gems all through the lists that are worth checking out. In true mining spirit here are a few uncovered rough stones that will become the prize jewels of any app collection. Being free doesn’t hurt one bit either.

Waiting is never fun. Often when people wait for something they read, watch TV or even play a game. But what is to be done when the waiting is done in public with no books, televisions, game systems or casino bonus to be had? The answer lies within the IPhone/IPod Touch.

Wattpad for IPhone and IPod Touch

Wattpad is an amazing little app that allows the user to search through a large database of electronic books. Users can download the books they want to read to the library contained in the application. Then the next time a user has to wait in line, in traffic of even for dinner this nice, little, educational time-waster will be available to pass the hours away.

Television From Around The World On TVUPlayer

Probably the biggest time waster on the planet is television. It consumes free minutes like a fire consumes oxygen. Now users can reach that vegetative state in the comfort of, well, anywhere, provided you have an IPhone or an internet connection.

TVUPlayer gives users access to virtually 100’s of channels, both foreign and local. Gone are the days of waiting for relax-time. It offers channels in practically every genre including horror, cartoons, nostalgic television and movies.

The only drawback is there isn’t any way to find out what is currently playing. There is no channel guide or episode listing to label the program being streamed.

Capcom’s MegaMan And Resident Evil On IPhone and IPod Touch

Capcom has made its presence known throughout the gaming community. They have also pushed onto the IPhone and IPod Touch with a classic title and a contemporary hit.

Mega Man II is available in both full version and as a free demo as is Resident Evil: Degeneration. Mega Man II is widely regarded as the best Mega Man title of all-time. Aging gamers and purists alike see the 80’s smash hit as a landmark in console gaming. Resident Evil: Degeneration was developed for play in handheld gaming and represents the first RE title to venture onto the IPhone and IPod Touch.

Both are excellent time consuming applications for your pocket.

The Need For Speed Testing (IPod Touch)

What’s the sense in trying to download books and stream TV without a strong enough internet connection? There isn’t any. Now with Speedtest, a free app, users can test download and upload speeds for WiFi connections. This testing app is very useful when checking on a new WiFi connection you have joined.

Seven Addictive iPhone Apps

Apple’s past couple of versions of the iPhone features advanced capabilities that are particularly well-suited to the apps now being developed by everyone from professional developers to your next-door neighbor. While many of the apps are useful—things like restaurant finders, the weather channel and shopping list maker—it seems the most popular of them are simply fun time-wasters.

When It Comes to Apps, Addiction is Good

The negative connotation of the word “addiction” disappears apparently when it comes to computer games and now apps. The more addicting an app is (hence, the more time wasted with it) the more it is downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Developers tout their own app’s addictiveness as a selling point. There’s even a term for the addiction affliction: “appiphilia.”

The following are seven apps that at least one user finds inordinately habit-forming. Not all of them are games—the traditional culprit—either! Whether or not these fuel or quell users’ appiphilia, or simply fritter away some time on a much-deserved break from “real” life, is up to them…hopefully. Proceed with caution.

Seven Habit-Forming iPhone Apps

Tap Tap Revenge (Tapulous, FREE)

A highly addictive musical agility game based somewhat on guitar hero, its free price will no doubt be offset by the tunes one ends up purchasing to keep playing. It has wonderful graphics.

i-c Live Cams (Barry Egerter, Paid)

Feeling voyeuristic? This app brings up 100’s of live cams from around the world, by category. From landscapes to beaches, the Eiffel Tower to the Egyptian pyramids this app is an armchair international trek, and sneakily addictive.

Pocket God (Bolt Creative, Paid)

It is about as politically incorrect as can be, but heck, they’re cartoon pygmies…that the gamer (as God) gets to strike with lightning, feed to the sharks, and drop kick into the volcano while trying to keep his or her pygmies alive and well. Hmm…strangely amusing.

Labyrinth (Codify AB, Paid)

Remember the classic? Tilting the steel ball around the holes? Mastering your self control? This is it, with astounding movement thanks to iPhone technology and endless mazes to conquer thanks to user-added levels. Several hundred hours of concentrated effort, minimum.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?(Capcom Entertainment, Paid)

At the more expensive end of the app budget, but worth it for those who watch the TV version (to which this is loyal, down to Meredith’s “Let’s play!”) and think they know all the answers. Reach 250,000 just once and it’s impossible to stop ’til you’ve won.

Emergency Radio (Edge Rift Inc., Paid)

Access to thousands of police band radios from around the U.S. may not sound intriguing to everyone, until they’ve practically participated (albeit from a distance) in their first live armed robbery arrest.

Doodle Jump (Igor Pusenjak, Paid)

Proof that the simplest things are often the most enjoyable, Doodle Jump features a goofy little dude jumping up platforms with the user’s aid. Childish graphics and some shooting round out a game that will astound in its silliness (and yes…addictiveness).

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