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The Best Weight loss Guide To Reduce Weight Fast

Having a healthy weight reduces half of the health-related problems. Besides, who won’t like to flaunt the sexy curves in a fitted bodycon dress?  The answer is everyone will. But not everyone has their desired body weight and shape. Undoubtedly lifestyle and exercise play a massive role in keeping in form. But not always. Some people may have type 2 Diabetes Mellitus or recently had a cesarian section operation. Putting on ten to eleven kg weight during the pregnancy period is expected. The problem starts when it doesn’t go off after the delivery. Because the mother needs extra food for the breast milk, they can’t do vigorous exercise with a stitch on the lower abdomen. Son, it’s clear that excessive eating is not the only reason for being overweight.

Reason For Having Excess Weight

The most prominent reason nowadays is junk and processed food eating. Tinned foods contain unhealthy chemicals and saturated Tran’s fats. It does not break down easily in our bodies. The sedentary lifestyle compliments the situation. There are genetic conditions of excess weight. In patients with hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes, obesity is a common problem. In such cases, patients need a massive weight loss. Otherwise, the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases increases alarmingly. Regular exercise and diet help little in such cases. Here people need doctor-led weight solutions.

Medical Treatment Of Obesity

When you consult the doctor regarding your obesity, at first, they will take a brief history of your condition. Then they will run some tests and measure the BMI to calculate how much weight you need to reduce. After that, they will prescribe a medicine that goes best with your condition. The best clinically proven weight loss medicine nowadays is saxenda. It is the brand name of the drug liraglutide. In the market, saxenda injections are available as an injectable form of three mg per dose. But the route of administration is subcutaneous. That means you have to push the drug just below the skin, never directly in the veins or muscles. That’s why regular syringes won’t work here. It would be best if you had special skinny pens that only penetrates the skins. It’s like insulin pens and very easy to use. Once your doctor shows you the usage procedure, you can follow it at home for the rest of the treatment time. But never share your saxenda pens with anybody. It can spread diseases like hepatitis B, HIV, STD, and many more. Discard the middle after you finish the dose formulation. 

Saxenda is a very effective drug for people over the BMI of 27. With decreasing weight, some other conditions like diabetes and high uncontrolled blood pressure also seem to control. But remember, Ruxandra is not a medicine for diabetes or such syndrome. It shows some intersection with gliptins and insulins used to treat diabetes. So, make sure your bariatric expert knows your full medical history before starting any therapy. Prolonged use of saxenda may lead to thyroid cancer or such. So, it would be best if you never overused it without a doctor’s prescription.

Nowadays, there is another popular weight loss procedure named sculpt. In this process, the trainers use vibration and heat to melt the extra fat and excrete through sweating. As a nonmedicinal process, it relatively safer and less expensive solution. But it doesn’t work well in patients with medical issues.


Obesity brings a hundred more complications with it. With proper medical care and a balanced low carb diet, you can quickly burn out the extra calories. Make sure to get the diet chart from a certified nutritionist to get all the essential elements without consuming much.

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