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For people living with chronic illnesses, finding a treatment that will help them can be challenging. Often, people suffering from chronic conditions— especially illnesses that are less commonly diagnosed — must try several different treatments until they find the one that helps restore their body. Dr. David A. Jernigan, the founder of Biologix Center for Optimum Health, specializes in innovative testing and treatments which work in unison with the natural design and function of the body to provide relief to thousands of patients from around the world who were not helped by conventional medicine.

At Biologix Center for Optimum Health, doctors and staff do everything they can to help patients get well. When traditional medicine has given up on a patient and resigned to prescribing patients with symptom-suppressing pharmaceuticals, the doctors at Biologix Center for Optimum Health are often patients’ last hope for regaining the quality of life they lost. Pharmaceutical drugs often only mask symptoms and promote the idea that no illness can truly be healed, while Biologix’s treatments promote overall wellness by working to correct what has gone wrong in the body instead of just managing the symptoms.

Dr. Jernigan says, “Many people remember a time when they did not have to take anything every day just to feel good. If you must continue taking something every day, even a natural supplement, in order to keep your symptoms under control, then it is not getting to the bottom-line issues. Getting to all of the bottom-line issues is what we are all about, so you can just wake up feeling good and living the life you were meant to live.”

A unique approach to the body

The doctors at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, believing that all parts of the body have been perfectly designed to work in harmony with one another. “If one part of the body is out of sync, the entire body will fall out of sync,” explains Dr. Jernigan, “This is why our treatments focus on realigning the structural and functional aspects of the body and restoring it to its natural state of health.”

Dr. Jernigan and his team believe that only your body can heal your body. The body knows what it needs and naturally knows how to heal itself — but sometimes, it needs some help. The Biologix Center’s treatments help the body return to a place of optimum function and alignment so it stands the greatest chance of healing and being restored to its optimum structural and functional integrity.

Whereas conventional medicine uses pharmaceuticals to suppress symptoms of specific conditions, the treatments offered at Biologix Center of Optimum Health use advanced testing and treatment technology to determine sources of imbalance, helping disease naturally alleviate. Rather than targeting and curing a specific illness, the doctors at Biologix Center work to restore the structural and functional integrity of the entire body so that deep, drug-free healing can occur.

“We are not looking to achieve remission, since remission is defined as a temporary pausing of a symptom in response to a drug or treatment,” states Dr. Jernigan. “Although we cannot always give a person their perfect body back, we are always striving to do so, and that is the definition of true health and healing.”

How Biologix helps the body heal

Chronic illnesses are often resistant to traditional medical treatment because many pharmaceutical treatments are generalistic in nature, meaning they don’t have a long-term effect on the patient’s condition. The doctors at the Biologix Center, however, use precision-adjunctive testing during daily intensive programs of care to identify a myriad of issues that are often missed by conventional lab testing. All of the treatments are tested each day for effectiveness and tolerance to each person’s unique situation. Rather than seeking to suppress the symptoms of named diseases, their focus is on restoring optimum health, as seen in their name, from which point named diseases and their symptoms may fall away.

Treatment at Biologix Center for Optimum Health consists of one- to three-week intensive programs of care, with daily in-house testing and one-on-one natural treatments with one of their doctors, as well as 4-5 hours of daily therapies of different types. All of the treatments are non-pharmaceutical, are carefully selected to work without causing unwanted side effects, and facilitate the correction of key issues interfering with the proper functioning of the body.

These programs of care are a maximally applied effort to achieve enough true correction of problems that are fueling the illness so that when a person leaves the center, lasting improvements can be achieved. A person is given a protocol of continued treatments at home, and progress is monitored in virtual doctor consultations to modify what is being done to keep a person moving towards the quality of life they seek. Depending upon a person’s response to the treatments, the doctor may recommend a return visit for a shorter follow-up treatment session a few weeks or months later, since only so much can be accomplished over the phone. When compared to mainstream, conventional medicine, patients get much more one-on-one treatment with doctors and therapists, commonly exceeding 40 hours in total in a two-week program of care through the Biologix Center for Optimum Health.

In addition to his work with the Biologix Center, Dr. Jernigan is the author of six books and has had his research published in esteemed, peer-reviewed journals. He has also written hundreds of online educational articles.

Everyone’s body is unique, and the treatment solutions that work for one person may not work for another. This is why the doctors at the Biologix Center work with patients to determine the best treatment methods suited to their body’s needs. With its custom treatment plans, the Biologix Center can restore patients’ bodies to their optimal balance, leaving a meaningful and long-lasting impact on those patients’ health.

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