The industries that profited from the normalization of every day technology

One sector in today’s society that has seen massive growth over the last 10 years is the online gambling industry. The jump in annual revenue that online gambling across the world has seen during that time is enormous. In 2010, it was around $23 billion but by 2018 the figure was close to $50 billion. Moving ahead, the predictions for 2024 are that it will have grown to around $90 billion. A huge part of this has been due to the surge in popularity of online casino play. Players not only love the convenience of playing casino games at home but also the promotions that most of the online sites offer. The Mohegan Sun online casino bonus code is one such promotion that shows what online casinos offer their players.

While the fun and potential financial rewards that online casino play brings is significant to its rise, they are not the only reason. Handy betting apps are now a major factor.  

Betting apps are part of mainstream life

There is no doubt that handy betting apps that you can download for free to your tablet or smartphone are very important in this sector. Betting apps provide players with a simple and quick way to play casino games online. Once you have downloaded the relevant app to your device, it is always there to use when you need it.

But just why have they become so mainstream? The first reason that has helped massively is the growth of mobile gaming. This is a sector worth billions in its own right as more of us enjoy playing games via our mobile devices. Modern smartphones have facilitated mobile gaming and their remarkable processing power makes playing games great fun. As with online gambling in general, mobile gaming has seen a surge in popularity in the 2010’s which has helped the gambling apps to flourish.

Marketing plays a vital role

Another reason for the mainstream presence of casino betting apps is the marketing they have received over the last decade. It is now common to see casino apps advertised on TV or in the general media across the world. This brings betting apps to people’s attention much more and means that more people know they exist and what they do. The right advertising can also show the fun side of playing online casino games and it draws people in who want to share some of this excitement. By putting online casino play and apps into an everyday context, the companies behind them are able to make them a normal part of what we do for entertainment.

Easy to use design

As already mentioned, playing casino games via an app works because it is convenient and enjoyable. A large part of this lies in the way apps are designed and the user experience they give. By making apps simple to navigate and fun to use, companies have made them much more popular with people over the last 10 years. This has been a process of constant improvement that has allowed apps to offer so much more now to attract people to use them. By producing apps which are responsive and quick, companies have made it attractive for more players to use them.

Betting is now more socially acceptable

Casino betting apps have become more mainstream simply because online gambling has also. In 2010, it was not quite as acceptable to be known as someone who played casino games online for real money as it is in 2020. Changing attitudes over the last decade have meant that more people feel comfortable not only using betting apps but having them on their mobile device. Of course, the legalities around online betting at casinos has also changed over the last decade. The USA for example has only allowed casino play over the internet in the last 10 years. Online casino betting being made legal in this way has allowed more people in the U.S. to download betting apps and enjoy them.

Betting apps are normal for many people

For something to become a true part of mainstream life, it has to be normal and acceptable. It also has to be something useful or fun which people want to get involved with. There is no doubt that online betting apps have hit this mark over the last 10 years and are now a part of everyday life for many people.

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