The Link Between Social Media and Online Gaming

Technology is blurring the line between social media and online gaming. People are spending more and more time in online games and communicating there as much as they are on traditional platforms like Facebook.

Why is Social an Important Aspect in Gaming?

In any endeavor people love to share their experiences to others. The internet allows for a level of convenience that they can just go on their smartphone or computer to post what they’re doing, what they bought and more.

Gaming, especially multiplayer and online are inherently social. People will want to play with others in either cooperative or competitive mode. Players will want to know, how do you play slots online and win? so they can earn money, for instance.

Game developers realize this, and now they’re taking the steps needed so players can stay in the game and communicate without having to exit or tab out of their devices.

Online Gaming and Social Media

Today’s technology now allows in-game chatting and managing friends inside an app. It’s convenient for players and profitable for developers.

In-game chats and creating a community is now easier to implement than ever. It’s also one of the requirements for discerning players- they want to be connected and enjoy a social time with friends and individuals with similar interests.

A Whole New Social Media Segment

Spectators have also grown in the world of gaming. Previously exclusive to professional sports, there are now millions of people watching their favorite team or player compete in tournaments.

Social media platforms such as Twitch are quickly gaining ground as the go-to channel for watching other people play. The ability to chat, show an emoji and interact are all there, leading to a community experience.

2021 and the ongoing pandemic will just make this grow more. The future is online socialization through gaming.

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