The Lowdown on Hiring Security Guard Services for Your Business

When you launch your business, security matters are undoubtedly the furthest thing from your mind as you’re focused on building a brand and growing sales.

However, depending on what type of operation you run, the industry you’re in, what you sell, etc., there may come a time when you or your team or events require some protection from potential external threats.

If so, it may be time to hire some experts to help you secure things. These days, many ventures hire security guard services to keep money safe and protect employees, managers, onsite customers, and other stakeholders. Here’s what to consider if you think the time has come for you to do the same.

Reasons to Hire Security

There are multiple reasons why businesses invest in security. For example, if your operations are growing, you may need assistance that you didn’t need before when space and foot traffic was limited. Security officers can help you ensure your customers, staff, and possessions stay safe.

Another reason it may be time to employ security guard services is if you find you’re having to spend too much time on security issues and feel it would work out better to outsource this role. Handling security tasks involves things like hiring, training, scheduling, and managing appropriate personnel, plus planning and preparation, updating security equipment, and staying on top of developments.

Keep liability in mind, too. Companies are responsible for the safety of their employees, and having a security person or team on hand can help you comply with legal requirements to protect your team. You might also want to use a security guard service if you’ve noticed negative changes in the neighborhood where your office, warehouse, etc., is located, with an increase in crime or volatility.

Plus, some companies have precious intellectual property or store other high-worth items onsite and thus need to ensure that employees, contractors, and others who enter the building do the right thing. Security services can perform entryway security tasks to reduce the likelihood of theft and monitor adjacent parking lots and other areas. Another top reason to hire security is simply to have the peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to protect company assets, personnel, customers, and the like.

Services Security Teams Can Provide

You might hire guards to patrol perimeters or be stationed at business entrances and exits and check the identification information of everyone who comes and goes, or those attempting to enter or leave restricted or confidential parts of the premises. You could bring in security people to deter criminals simply by being onsite at your place of work or use them for specific events where more protection is needed.

You might have been getting death threats or otherwise be concerned for your safety or that of one of your team members, too, and thus want someone to watch your or their back. Plus, security guards could come in to monitor and protect goods, equipment, etc., that would otherwise be left unattended and made vulnerable, such as tools and materials on construction sites.

Security services can be there to offer damage control if there’s a security breach of some kind, too, as they help you minimize damage, regain control of the workplace, deal with the police, and so on. Sometimes businesses simply need personnel to monitor video footage and report any abnormalities or issues. Or, you can hire security guard firms to provide a comprehensive solution where they identify a range of business risks, develop a plan for how to mitigate them, enact the solutions, and continually identify new threats over time.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Security Guards for Your Business

When you’re ready to hire security guards, always do plenty of research. If you can get personnel referrals or testimonials from other entrepreneurs or family and friends for quality companies, this is a great place to start. Also, read online reviews and comments and those posted elsewhere, and find out precisely what licenses and experience different firms have. Check, too, about the qualifications of the specific people who will be tasked with security for your business, as it’s not just about choosing the right company but having the best possible personnel on hand.

Find out if the company is large enough to scale over time as required and if they offer all the types of services you need someone to handle for you. Ask if workers get regular training updates and if there are any extra fees you need to know about. Think about what’s important to you and find out all the information before signing on any dotted lines.

Hiring security services can be a critical step in your venture’s long-term viability, so take the matter seriously.

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