The Technology Behind Live online Games

Are you a keen casino player that enjoys the thrills of the casino hall? If you are, then it’s likely that you’ve sought out the exciting, immersive experience that is Live Casino. Without the impressive technology that is readily available to gaming producers, the online casino games that you know and love would not exist. Fortunately, gaming is more advanced and realistic than ever before and Live Casino is proof of this, allowing you to access to an interactive dealer-led gaming experience without having to leave home.

Live Casino gaming does not just happen by magic, it is powered by elaborate technology and we’re here to uncover all of the technological secrets behind these impressive casino rooms.


You’ve been on enough video chats with your friends lately to understand that in order to see someone via a screen, you need a camera. It’s obvious isn’t it, but cameras are the most vital tool which differentiate Live Casino from the other games available. In a Live Casino room your screen is host to a live dealer, made possible by the multiple cameras used to stream their image digitally to your device.

A typical game involves three different cameras, which provide you with different angles so that you don’t miss anything that’s going on. Normally these angles will show you a bird’s eye view of the table, a live stream of the table or the wheel (depending on the game type) and a front-on view of the dealer.

The Monitor

You may have had various theories as to how the dealer knows when you’ve joined the game, or how they can see your actions in the game. But fear not, they’re not psychic. Just like you, the dealer has a screen that displays the important player information that they need in order to direct the game. This includes how many players have joined and will allow them to connect with you, prompt you to play or remove you from the game if, heaven forbid, you should break the rules.

Gaming Control Units

A Gaming Control Unit (GCU) is a form of software that allows the dealer to see exactly what is taking place on your table and act accordingly, in the real-life gameplay happening on the screen. This unit is attached to their table and informs them when they need to play a card on the table, in Blackjack for example, or take a spin of the wheel in Roulette.

Put in more technological terms, the device encodes data that is broadcasted in a game and as a result prompts the dealer, so that they can provide you with a seamless gaming experience.

The Dealer

Not to worry, robots haven’t taken the over just yet. Well, not since we last checked. The dealer is a live human, and the smooth running of the various pieces of technology would not be possible without the dealer’s management of them.

The dealers that appear on-screen are trained, professional croupiers. They’ve received thorough training, and are entertaining hosts with extensive knowledge of all of the rules of the game. Without the charming dealer, Live Casino games would not be able to provide you with the entertaining, immersive experience that you crave.

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