The Technology Behind Social Games

Casinos are fun, and because they’re fun, they have been a part of civilization for millennia. No-joke casinos, in some way, have been around since ancient Egypt, and maybe even longer. This tradition of gaming has persisted today, and while it would be kind of funny to imagine the ancient Egyptians playing the old one-armed bandit, they did play casino games.

These days, casinos and casino games rely heavily on the latest and greatest that the world of technology has to provide. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about modern social casinos, touch base on some of the most popular social casino games, and most importantly, explore how technology makes the modern casino industry flourish.

What Are Social Casinos?

Social casinos are just like real casinos with two key differences. The primary difference is that social casinos don’t exist in the real world and they come in either application or website form.

The second biggest difference between social casinos and regular casinos is that social casinos don’t accept real money. You don’t bet your own money – in fact, you don’t bet any money at all. You’re playing with a digital currency that has no real-life value.

Social casinos are chock full of free casino slot games for fun and training for the real thing.

What Are the Most Popular Social Casino Games?

There are a bunch of social casino games, the most popular of which are slots. Many people play this age-old classic on Slotomania slots, but slots aren’t the only “paper” game that you can play. There is also blackjack, roulette, pai gow, and a world of other games.

How Technology Makes it Into Online Casinos?

Social casinos work just like real-life casinos, only they operate on a digital landscape and use a fake currency. What makes them that much better than real-life casinos or even real casino websites is that these social casinos are driven by technology and the primary grounds for innovation.

RNG & Fairness Certificates

Real money or fake digital currency – any casino must be completely fair. To ensure the fairness of games in the online casino world, every casino needs an RNG mechanic and a fairness certification from an auditing agency.

To ensure that a casino is safe, casinos implement RNG technology for each of their games, ensuring that the results are always picked at random and that every game is as fair as possible.

New Games

We’ve mentioned before that the casino world has changed a lot since it first arrived globally, which mostly means the games themselves have gotten more sophisticated and interesting. These days, whenever you see a major improvement in your favorite game or a brand new game that changes how that genre is played, the main culprits behind it are imagination and technology.

Improved Games

Gamification is a very popular thing in the 21’st century,  and many games that were considered dated have been given new life through technological advancements. All the animations, sounds, and game mechanics that make our favorite games that much more fun wouldn’t be possible without the latest and greatest that technology has to give.

Testing Grounds

Before any technology that may or may not change the casino game from the ground up makes into the actual casino, it usually makes it into social casinos.

With social casinos, there’s no risk of losing all your money, making them an ideal testing ground for new tech. Some tech that makes online casinos so popular today was introduced to social casinos way before. Here are some of the ways that tech drives the online casino industry.

How Do You Find the Best Social Casino?

Finding the best social casino is far simpler than you might imagine – all you need to know is where to look. The internet is crawling with social casinos, so a quick Google search should yield hundreds, if not thousands, of results.

However, just like most casinos these days, you don’t even need to be in front of your PC to enjoy some gaming fun – you can do so on the go with top-shelf social casino apps. There are quite a few apps on both Google Play and Apple Store that will keep you occupied for hours.

In Conclusion

Social casinos will always remain popular – they provide all of the excitement and fun without the need to invest any of your hard-earned money. They’re also a fantastic place as most of them have some unique games that haven’t made it to real money casinos.

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