The Things you Need to know About Tamil Music

Tamil music has a long heritage and enriched history going back thousands of years ago. There is a lot of artist and renowned singer in Tamil music who is carving out Tamil music’s history by their singing and composition of different types of music. One is Tamil music. If you love to listen to different music types, you need to listen to a song that originates from Tamil Nadu, India. There are a lot of things you should know about Tamil music. These are describing below-

Ancient Music

From the beginning period of Tamil history, Tamil people caring for the heritage of Tamil Music. People here use the song for different uses like marriage and various festivals. Early days Langham literature is considered music. The first ancient Music tradition found in Langham books such as “Ettothokai” and “Pathupattu.” Cilappatikaram, another poet, also mentions various music types, which are considered Tamil ancient music. Sandakkavi later established another musical tradition by composing Tamil hymns. It is also known as Thiruppugazh.


The classical music is called pann, has a long history in the Tamil music industry. The name pann mistakenly changed into Carnatic. Nowadays, it is sung in the temple festival. The pann or Carnatic music contains 72 essential scales on the octave, seven nodes, and a wide variety of melodic motion. Tamil people arranged a wide range of musical performances regarding this kind of Carnatic songs, especially Bharatanatyam. Hundreds of artists perform at Chennai cultural events.

Tamil Trinity

Marimutthu Pillai composed hundreds of devotional songs and helped to create Tamil Trinity. The saint composer from 18th century Tyagaraja, MuthuswamiDhikshitar and ShyamaSashtri wrote and sung a lot of songs that are still popular among the people nowadays. There are considerable numbers of singers who are carrying out this song all over the world. MsSubalakhsmi had a scope to sing this type of harmony in the UN Security Council.

Folk Music

Folk music is getting popular all over the world for its composing and singing style. Here artist denotes a Nations’s traditional style. Many singers have worked to collect Tamil songs and created an interest in Folk music among Tamil Nadu people. There also have a significant consideration of UrummeMellam as one of the most popular forms of Tamil folk song. Both urban and rural people like this music.

Film Music

Early days Folk and Pann song were mostly used in Tamil film. But nowadays, the Tamil Film industry is adding a new and wide variety of Tamil Music. Most of the songs are sung by a renowned singer of Tamil Nadu. Day by day, the Tamil song is getting more popular all over the world. People don’t understand the meaning of this type of music, but the listener is still increasing because of the singing style and mind-blowing tune. Besides these, the dance performed by the actress of Tamil industry creating a great interest to listen to the song again and again.


From YouTube, we can see that many people dance and sing Tamil songs from all over the world. Few music industries are in the world can compete with Tamil Music Industry because the demand and number of listeners are increasing day by day and masstamilan gives the free Tamil songs opportunities. Someone considers this industry with the Hollywood Standards.

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