The Ultimate 1-99 Runescape Woodcutting Guide

Woodcutting is an easy, however time-consuming skill to train in Runescape, however it is very profitable in the end.

Before you got out there wailing your axe around there are things you should consider:

  • Go to worlds that are “Event Specific” such as “Fist of Guthix” or Clan Wars” worlds, that way everyone will be at the event instead of hogging trees.
  • Try to reduce your weight as much as possible. This includes wearing boots of lightness, Penance gloves, spotted/spottier capes, Agile top, and bottom.
  • Equipment such as Lumber Jack amour (requires 44 woodcutting) and sacred clay hatchet can be equipped to provide extra woodcutting experience. (Members only)
  • Get the best runescape items you can equip, there is a big exp difference
  • Rabbit’s foot necklace can help you increase your chances of getting a Birds Nest. (Members only)

Now that you are all set with your axe and cool clothing, you can go out and start Woodcutting!

Woodcutting Free-to-Play Guide:

If you are a f2p, we recommend following these steps

From levels 1-15

Chop normal trees with the best axe you can use. Normal logs sell for 37 GP each on the GE. Normal Logs give 25 exp each. However, are chopped down after one log with the exception of dying trees. Normal trees are found all over Runescape. NOTE: That evergreen trees, dying trees, and dead trees will give the same amount of experience and require the same level to chop down. You will need to chop 97 normal trees to get to 15 woodcutting, since each give 25 exp.  

From levels 15-30

Chop oaks. Oaks sell for around 53 gp each on GE. Oaks are most commonly found around normal trees. Oaks give 37.5 exp each and give more than one log per tree. Keep in mind to still use the best axe available.   

From levels 30-60

Chop willows. Willows give 67.5 exp each, sell for only eight gp on the Grand Exchange. They are found anywhere near water. Common areas for cutting willows are south of Draynor bank (Low levels beware of dark wizards), East of Fred’s farm in Lumbridge, South of Rimmington, and west of Mezlar’s maze.   

Now here we meet a fork in the road. You can continue chopping willows (recommended), or you can move on to yews (not recommend). Yews are amazing trees they give 175 exp per log, the logs sell for 453 gp each, and sell instantly on the Grand Exchange. However, there are its downsides. Yews are very slow to cut at low levels, there will always be people hogging the area, and they can take up to 2 minutes to re-spawn!

My advice is stick to willows until level 85. So finally, level 85 start chopping yews. At this level, yews will start to come quick. The exp however will not be as much as willows until level 95 or so, but the cash covers it all. If you open up the Runescape world map Yew, trees are the ones with a tree symbol.   

Wow! You are at level 99! Congratulations! Go get yourself membership and buy that skill cape!

Woodcutting Pay-to-Play Guide:

If you are a member, follow the F2p guide until levels 30. Even if you are a member, you can still cut willows until level 99.  If you want some cash as well as some exp chop teaks at level 35 woodcutting.  

At level 45, you can go to Shiloh village to chop maples which sell for 28 gp on the GE and give 100 exp per log.

You can also chop eucalyptus logs at level 58 they sell for 430 gp each and give 165 exp per log. You can chop yews at around level 85 at Catherby. There are about 8 there and it’s fairly close to a bank.

Level 95 woodcutting is a big milestone in woodcutting you can now chop magics at a good speed. magic logs sell for 1.3k gp each and give 250 exp per log. 

Finally, level 99 woodcutting! Go and get that skill cape!

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