Tips on Finding a Trusted Locksmith Online

Getting yourself locked out of your home or car is a frustrating experience, and the first thing you’d usually do is contact a locksmith near me.

If you want to find a trusted locksmith that can deliver as promised online, heed these 4 tips.

Check for Reviews

When searching for a locksmith on the internet you’ll want to hire one that’s been in the industry for a long time. These people or companies tend to have accumulated a lot of reviews from satisfied customers.

Do They Accept Credit Cards?

A good locksmith will have several payment options available for their clients. When a locksmith asks you for cash and won’t offer other methods, chances are that they’re fake and just looking to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Ask for Identification

After contacting a locksmith Orlando the first thing you’ll want to do when you meet is to ask for their ID. It may sound rude but professional locksmiths won’t mind and will present you their identification without a second thought.

Along with the ID you can check if the locksmith is legitimate by looking for the Master Security License Number, which can be found on their vehicle signage, premises and advertising. All locksmiths are required to have their photo ID cards with them while conducting business.

Did They Give a Detailed Estimate?

A trustworthy locksmith will have nothing to hide, even the price of their services. They will be comfortable with giving a detailed estimate of how much it will cost to unlock your front door or vehicle, as well as a written estimate that will cover all the charges.

As a general safety rule, don’t hire a locksmith online if he or she doesn’t want to give you a detailed or written estimate. Chances are that they’re just looking to make a quick buck.

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