Tips to Maximize Your Sports TV Viewer Experience

Sporting events are usually viewed in a stadium, with thousands of like-minded fans cheering their respective teams or players.

Sports TV has become a replacement for many since the pandemic began, but that doesn’t make it less exciting or immersive. You can boost the experience further with these 3 tips.

Make Sure You Get Optimal Watching Distance

The best way to watch sports is to have a view where you can see every possible angle at once. You won’t be able to do this if you’re too close; likewise, setting the TV too far will make you squint and miss out on the details.

The optimal distance depends on several things- your eyesight and how big the TV is. Try setting the TV then moving your sofa until you can comfortably see everything. Also, consider the lighting and don’t put it beside a window or opposite it so you won’t have glare issues.

Add a Soundbar or External Speakers

Most TV brands will focus on the display and make the speakers as an afterthought. You rarely get to have TV that has deep bass or resonant audio, which adds another depth to the whole viewing experience.

If you have the budget, opt for a soundbar or a premium speaker system. You’ll immediately notice the difference and feel like you’re in the arena every time a game comes on.

Have a Companion Website Ready

Nowadays it’s not enough to simply watch a sporting event. You can read up on other tidbits on your smartphone. There are highlights, sports analyses and news that you can check whenever there’s a lull in the action.

So, for instance during a break you can search for what are the best sites for soccer livescore? This lets you catch up on what’s happening with other teams and gives you updated scores in real time.

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