Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Sparkular Machine

Entertainment programs are an indispensable source of happiness in people’s lives. Do you want to create an excellent stage effect for various programs? An exciting stage effect can well drive the atmosphere of the scene, let the audience blend into the stage performance to achieve the best stage effect. Speaking of stage effects, the fireworks show is naturally the most exciting and can drive the audience’s emotions and create a good program effect. However, many cities now have certain restrictions on fireworks burning because it has certain safety risks. But don’t worry, the article will bring you a practical solution, which is a sparkular machine.

If you want an excellent stage effect but don’t want to endure the disadvantages of fireworks. Sparkular machine can help you achieve this goal. How does the spark machine solve this problem? This article will discuss the following aspects.

1. Bring Excellent Stage Effect

Sparking special effects during the exciting moments of stage performance can make the performance more exciting and make the audience more emotional. Unlike traditional fireworks, the sparkular machine can continue to emit fireworks to achieve the desired effect of the performance atmosphere. Traditional fireworks have much preparatory work. Due to the show’s time limit, the time for preparing the fireworks is also limited, and the desired stage effect may not be achieved on time. But sparkular machine has no such worries. Sparkular machine has few restrictions. You can start it at any time to add the effect of flying fireworks to the stage.

2. Ensure Personal Safety

Traditional fireworks or firecrackers have significant potential safety hazards in the combustion process, which may not guarantee personal security. In the festive and lively stage performance, there are many people and all kinds of equipment. It is not safe to decorate the stage with traditional fireworks. At this time, the function of the sparkular machine is essential. Sparkular machine provides not only beautiful fireworks effects but also ensures personal safety. Sparkular machine is not as prone to an explosion as traditional fireworks, which can ensure personnel safety. Sparkular machine can spray high flame and will not emit much gas like fireworks. Those gases have specific harm to the human body, and much gas will degrade the air visibility, making the stage effect no longer perfect.

3. Greater Economic Benefits

Compared with traditional fireworks, a sparkular machine occupies less floor space and can be recycled, making sparkular machines significantly economically beneficial. Just imagine that the rental of a stage venue is not low. Of course, the manager wants to make full use of the space. It happens that the setting of sparkular machines is relatively simple. You can just put the sparkular machines around the stage, which takes up a small stage area. The most important thing is that the sparkular machine is not a disposable product like fireworks. It can be recycled. In the long run, sparkular machine is more cost-effective and has higher economic benefits.

Speaking of sparkular machine, I have to introduce SHOWVEN sparkular. SHOWVEN has an excellent sparkular machine for sale. SHOWVEN recently launched a new product: SPARKULAR JET.

SPARKULAR JET is another sparkular machine with brand new effects invented by SHOWVEN. This sparkular machine can produce flashing sparks up to 10 meters  high. The sparkular machine has a built-in automatic air compressor, and no external pressure tank is needed, making installation easier and less restrictive.

Features and Advantages of SPARKULAR JET:

  • It has a brand new effect originally invented by SHOWVEN.
  • SHOWVEN sparkular with flashing SPARKULAR effect similar to 1s fountain fireworks. .
  • It can create adjustable effect height up to 10m.
  • It has patented auto air compression technology, so no external pressure tank is needed.
  • It has built-in pressure sensor and safety valve for double security
  • It has stainless steel housing with a multi safety design, reliable and durable.
  • It has NEUTRIK® powerCON TRUE1 connectors.

SHOWVEN has many high-quality products, and the masses welcome its products. They will be your most reliable partners.

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