Top Cryptocurrencies of 2021

2020 has gone and now it’s 2021, but the cryptocurrency market still remains strong as ever.

Investors who are looking to expand their crypto portfolio and beginner traders should look into these top 7 cryptocurrencies for 2021.


Bitcoin commands almost all of the crypto markets’ attention and remains the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Both newcomers and veterans should bolster their asset volume whenever they have the chance with Bitcoin. It’s a household name and commands a superb price compared to other ‘coins. What’s worthy to note is that the cryptocurrency isn’t stopping soon and is expected to rise to unprecedented levels this year.

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Tether is what’s known as a stablecoin because it’s directly tied to an asset, e.g., the euro and US dollar.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are priced depending on the demand and forecast Tether has a lower volatility, which means its price won’t fluctuate wildly. This makes it a sound investment for those who want a crypto that goes up over time.


Cardano has a few things going for it, mainly decreasing energy usage and carbon footprint by using efficient technology in the payment processing aspect.

The cryptocurrency works by proof of stake and attempts to be better than Bitcoin in transaction, verification and speed. It’s also one of the few that supports DApps, or decentralized apps and smart contracts.


Don’t be fooled by ETH playing as second fiddle to the mighty Bitcoin- it’s respectable in its own right and shows everyone that it has staying power. Plus, it has a few applications up its sleeve.

Ethereum is both a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, which means developers can create programs off the ETH backbone. Some of the things it can create are NFTs, or non fungible tokens and smart contracts.


An open-source blockchain platform like Uniswap appeals to developers who wish to create their own exchange. It’s powered by Ethereum, which means greater efficiency and immutability compared to those created by code or programs.

User resources and smart contracts work together for trading. It’s not held by brokers, banks or any central facilitator. As of 2021 Uniswap has posted tremendous growth as people begin to see its potential.


Ripple is a popular global payment system that’s used all over the world. E-commerce shops, casinos and online merchants accept XRP as payment since it’s lightning fast and has negligible transfer or processing fees.

Ripple also acts as an exchange platform for converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa.


Dogecoin may be a passing craze but it has existed for a while now. It was created in 2013 but it’s only now that it has gotten worldwide attention.

Dogecoin is unique in that it doesn’t have a limit. This could be a double edged sword since it devalues over time. However, it’s a good asset for quick in-and-out profit trades.

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