Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Grynow is a prominent influencer marketing agency in Indiathat offers the best platform to assist companies and visionary marketers for using the top social media influencers to advertise their products or services.

Grynow’s influencer marketing specialists connect companies with the top 1,50,000+ content producers, social media influencers, artists, vloggers, bloggers, and viewers and help them carry out outstanding influencer marketing campaigns.

How has Grynow become a Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India?

In this digital era, the company believes in building and implementing proper marketing strategies that are quantifiable and result-oriented to increase the company’s value and brand image.

Grynow has made a huge name for itself in a short period and became India’s best influencer marketing agency. So, now let us disclose some of the “Top Secret Components” that contributed to the magnificent growth of the company as an “influencer marketing agency India.”

1. Experience of more than Five years

Being an influencer marketing agency with more than 5 years of experience is a major distinction; they utilize their expertise, knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities to understand the customer’s needs and help them expand organically.

Grynow helps you create diversified and customized marketing campaigns for various clients. They help clients obtain the desired results manifested in the increase in sales, generate organic traffic on your website, and more.

It has experience working with clients across diversified niches like

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Lifestyle and Wellness
  • Comedy, and many more. 

2. Ensure that all Services Function at the Highest Level

The company uses the model that focuses on giving the highest priority to customer satisfaction. Long-term relationships with loyal customers have paved the way for Grynow to achieve lucrative business opportunities.

It thoroughly analyzes their customer’s competition and finds out the loopholes in it, then decides what extra services are needed to offer their customers for retaining their existing customers and obtaining new clients for taking up the market share from their competitors.

3. A group of knowledgeable and Experienced Influencer Marketers

Grynow has a staff of IIT and IIM alumni, and each one of them brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that contributes to the company’s success. In addition, a well-designed complete influencer marketing plan assists clients in the proper branding and positioning.

The experts routinely introduce their customers to new ideas, businesses, products, and services to their audiences. As a result, one of the benefits of influencer marketing is that it is perceived as a hot latest concept. By partnering with this influencer marketing company, you can position your firm as an established innovative leader.

4. A Comprehensive Database of Potential Influencers

Grynow has a comprehensive database of influencers available with them. They search these databases using smart algorithms and manually identify contributors that best fit the brand’s personality and focus. 

These software-based directories are a fantastic tool for discovering, analyzing, and tracking a brand’s potential influencers across multiple social media channels. In addition, a rich repository of information is readily available with them, continuously expanding.

Their databases offer an option to filter influencers by:

  • Number of followers/subscribers
  • Social media platforms
  • Category/Niche of the influencers
  • Location

5. Understand the Target Audience. 

Targeting the right audience is the most crucial step to achieving success. Grynow will dive into the details and help you reach your target audience with specifically chosen influencers by performing extensive research. However, targeting an audience with no buying intention is of no use. 

They thoroughly analyze audiences of various influencers to find the right niche influencer and search an extensive database of creators to maximize reach and engagement. Next, they’ll create a content strategy that works well and reaches the right audience.

They usually distinguish target audience concerning:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Region / Location
  • Education Background 
  • Purchasing Power
  • Interests.

6. Best in Influencer Relationship Management

Conducting extensive research is the greatest method to create, maintain and foster connections with influencers. Grynow reaches out to brand-relevant influencers to increase the brand’s value in its targeted Niche. Company’s marketing professionals allowed creative freedom to create amazing content to help you grow.

Influencer relationship management helps in:

  • Take business to sky-high
  • A win-win partnership for long-term
  • Enhances credibility and trust
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Cost-effective
  • Saves time
  • Increase purchase decisions and boost sales
  • Increase sharing potential on various social media platforms.

7. Customized Influencer marketing Campaign

Grynow develops a tailored influencer marketing campaign that is smart, global, and, most importantly, memorable for the company. Content of this type is well-received by audiences and achieves its intended purposes. The company listens closely to clients to understand their objectives and then creates content that is customized and targeted to the audience.

People prefer friendly, genuine, and individualized content. So, Influencers may help brands enhance revenue, generate leads, enrich consumer loyalty, engagement rate, organic growth, and so much more.

8. Great Evaluation Process

Grynow makes optimal use of key metrics to ensure it is on the right track and taking well-informed, data-driven decisions. They use data-driven marketing to deliver people-powered content, referrals, and marketing. In-depth evaluation helps them discover the desired results from the painstakingly created influencer marketing strategies.

They conduct a deep background check on your potential influencers. Check out their social media profiles and look into their past collaborations. A key component of influencer evaluation is transparency and authenticity.

The process includes:

  • Conversion rates
  • Reach and awareness
  • Referral traffic
  • Audience growth
  • Engagement rates


The team at Grynow is dedicated to providing amazing results for their clients. Before starting work with a client, the deliverables are decided on, and they strive hard to deliver more than expected. As a result, the team has an excellent success rate in driving traffic to a targeted website.

Within a short period, Grynow has become India’s top influencer marketing agency. With the great visionary founder and CEO- Washib Khan, Grynow has grown significantly. They worked with more than 1,50,000 influencers, artists, bloggers, and vloggers and have gained a great deal of success.

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