Top NFT Marketplaces

NFTs, or non fungible tokens are quickly becoming more and more popular as companies, brands and entrepreneurs are coming up with new ways to utilize the digital asset.

What’s interesting is that NFTs have an actual value that’s worth money. If you’re looking to invest money in an online endeavor, you’ll need a crypto wallet and access to these top 5 NFT marketplaces.


OpenSea is currently the big boss of NFT marketplaces with a solid stake at number 1. As a digital asset marketplace, NFT enthusiasts and sellers will find a wealth of varied and interesting tokens.

You can find almost every type of NFT here, including collectible cards, artwork, domain names and even NFT game tokens such as CryptoKitties, Axies and more.

The platform has its own minting tool, which means registrants can create their own Blockchain-based items. Sellers can put up an asset for a fixed price or set it up auction style.


Rarible is another noteworthy NFT marketplace you should check out. It’s similar to OpenSea in that it has plenty of users, and unique enough that it deserves a look.

The NFT marketplace mainly specializes on digital art assets, and it has its own minting system for those who want to make money online. Otherwise, there are helpful categories such as games, music, photography, art and even memes.

As an incentive, Rarible awards RARI tokens to those who are active and those who regularly buy or sell on its platform.

Since NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies in that they’re digital assets, entrepreneurs usually tie them up with investing in cryptocurrency. When you want something that’s convenient, try the quantum ai app and you can turn a profit quickly and with minimal learning.


An up-and-coming NFT marketplace designed around collectors, crypto natives and digital creators, Foundation is kind of like an online hub where people can come together and appreciate where the digital asset industry is headed.

Billed as the new ‘creative economy’, Foundation mostly focuses on digital art that are converted into NFTs.

NFT trades give the artist or seller 10 percent of the sales value in the event that it’s resold at a higher price.

Atomic Market

Atomic Market is quite different from other NFT marketplaces in that it operates on shared liquidity. This means any and all listings are distributed to other markets as well.

Users can take part in the digitization via the Atomic Asset and either auction or sell their creations. You can browse through offerings and buy anything that catches your attention, or try and make a side hustle by selling on the marketplace.


BakerySwap is a decentralized exchange and automated market maker that offers a variety of decentralized finance services, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, among others.

The platform offers game NFTs, meme competitions and digital art that users can purchase using BAKE tokens. Aside from that, it has a native minting process where you can create and sell your own unique artwork.

The themed marketplace is catchy and the visuals are akin to entering a physical bakery shop.

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