Top Resources for Learning Web Development in 2020

You know what web development is, right? All web applications and websites are born during web development. The main stages of this process are web-design, page layout, programming, optimization, and site maintenance.

Web development includes various professions, and some developers can combine them. We can name a few of them: programmer, web designer, tester, optimizer, information architect, and copywriter.

Sounds good, right? At some point, you may probably decide that you want to do something besides your main activity and/or study. And you feel that you are ready to try yourself in web development, but don’t know where to start? Let help you a bit by providing you with a list of the best resources for learning web development.


Codeacademy is a user-friendly website that can help you learn different programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Python). Something is totally free, something will require a subscription ($15 per month), but you can always cancel it any time and return to free lessons.

A free basic plan will give you basic courses and limited mobile practice. Pro plan will also give you members-only content, unlimited mobile practice, peer support, and certificates.

You will receive new information in small portions and easy language. Besides, right from the beginning, you will start working on writing code.

Remember, though, Codeacademy is aimed at the beginners. If you want to use it to refresh your knowledge, it can be frustrating because lessons can take some time.


SoloLearn is the place where you can start learning web development totally for free. There are no restrictions or extra “goodies” for subscriptions. All you need to do is register your account. Or you can log in while using your Google or Facebook accounts. Then, you can choose among 17 categories. The least number of lessons in one category is 23. The max number is 92. So you can imagine the amount of information you are going to absorb. Also, SoloLearn invites you to take different quizzes to strengthen acquired knowledge.

This place has a few more ways to interest you. Check it out:

  • leaderboards: global and per course; and this feature can be an excellent motivation to study;
  • you do not need to install any software; you need a web browser only;
  • you can continue studying the lessons even if you do not have an Internet connection.

We have a solution to the situation where you know what you want to study, but you are at a loss of how to find it. has a huge database of various courses and tutorials on programming. You can click on Python, for example, and then set up filter marks. You can search for free or paid courses, and you can select medium and a level (beginner or advanced). Sometimes you will be able to choose a language in filter marks, but English is prevalent here.

Here, you will receive recommendations from the whole programming community. And this is how it works: a person submits a course or tutorial (and you can be “this person” one day, by the way), the community upvotes the content, and then the post climbs to the top for you.

Check this resource out. You are going to love it!


Duomly has some excellent six courses for you to learn HTML & CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Python, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

Here, you will have interactive courses during which you will have an opportunity to solve quizzes and tasks, interact with codes, and build your code by using existing code blocks.

Duomly helps you in understanding the career path you want to follow. You will start with the beginner mode and advance your knowledge. It has some free content, which you can consider as a demo and opportunity to learn whether you want to continue working with this resource.

If you decide to continue, you will need to upgrade your account. You will need to pay $25 for a monthly subscription, $19 per month if you decide to buy an annual subscription, and $240 once if you like courses so much that you want to have a lifetime subscription. You will receive different certificates in addition to premium content.

By the way, with Duomly, you can create real-life projects and, thus, mastering your skills and enjoying career opportunities. Give it a try!


Lynda is a company founded in 1995. Since that year, the company has produced more than a thousand video courses to teach you different aspects of web development. Industry experts will reveal their secrets in simple language strengthened by visual examples.

You can define your career path and undertake specially designed courses. For example, you can check their lessons for the learning path Become a Front-End Web Developer. Generally, they have 43 learning paths, and, at the end of each of them, you can receive a certificate.

Of course, you will need to pay for the knowledge you want to acquire. However, you can have a whole free month to decide whether it suits you well. Why not simply try it?

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