Top Ukrainian IT companies in 2020

Among the world leaders in software development are several top Ukrainian IT companies. This country has very high requirements for developers. This approach ensures maximum quality of development and services. Many top IT companies in Ukraine fell into the world rating of the best providers of outsourcing solutions.

Top Ukrainian IT companies in 2020

Ukrainian IT companies top 10

How to find out which team will be your best ally for you? Before starting a collaboration, find out the maximum number of details:

  • Available list of services on custom;
  • In which area the team members developed the most projects;
  • How many specialists work in the company and how many employees are allocated for each project;
  • How long the company has been on the market.

Additionally, evaluate some of the most recent completed projects in your portfolio. This will demonstrate not only the competence of engineers but also the style of their thinking. The global goals of the customer and the outsourcing company must coincide.

Next, we will list the best IT companies in Ukraine that successfully work with foreign partners.


This company is a famous Ukrainian IT brand. The team announced itself in 2013 and for seven years has been in demand on the market. By 2020, the company employs 250 people. More than 70% of them are middle or senior. Among regular customers, there are customers from the USA, Canada, and Western Europe. The team’s portfolio includes more than 250 completed projects for foreign partners.

Mangosoft employs programmers with knowledge of Java, PHP, Python, and other popular programming languages. Among the developed projects and technologies used are:

  • Large scalable databases;
  • Projects on the Blockchain;
  • Games and virtual reality;
  • Mobile and web applications;
  • Automation of business processes;
  • introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The company is a significant expert in IT technology. The company employs 1,500 people, and its offices are located in Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, and Estonia. The main areas of activity are:

  • A full cycle of software development and mobile applications;
  • Product design;
  • PoC development and feasibility study;
  • Advisory services on the safety of existing and future products.


The company was founded in Ukraine but then relocated to the United States. After a thorough business analysis, the developers create solutions that best fit the client’s idea. The main areas of activity are:

  • Mobile development for iOS and Android;
  • Development of a UX strategy and functional requirements
  • Product branding and interface design;
  • Web development;
  • Projects for GPS navigation.


The company was founded in Ukraine in 2006. Since then, she has gained a reputation as a leader in design solutions. The team has become famous thanks to the unique interfaces of websites and mobile applications. Besides, customers can also apply for:

  • Scaling up finished projects;
  • Updating existing applications;
  • Creation of logos and illustrations for sites.

Bottom line

The top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine is a profitable solution in terms of quality and price. Significant concerns and small creative teams successfully compete in the country’s market. Depending on your goals and business focus, any of these options may be the best for you.

If you find several suitable teams, contact the representatives of each of them. For example, Mangosoft employees advise potential customers for free. Leave a request on the company website. After a preliminary analysis of your business, experts will offer several possible solutions. If you are comfortable with this approach, you can proceed to discuss the model of cooperation and the details of the order.

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