Totally Free Dating is a Growing Trend – the 5 reasons you need to know!

It is a symptom of modern dating that meeting someone you connect with isn’t always an easy task. We want to meet quality daters this coming year of 2020. But how?

Raise your hand if you’re tired of membership websites and online matches that go nowhere. Ok, you can put that hand back down. You certainly aren’t alone. Sometimes the online tools that are supposed to connect us can leave us feeling the very opposite.

The world of dating has certainly become technological, in recognition of what a great option it is to connect with someone like minded. Although it can be a great way to meet new dates, the financial cost of dating website fees can be off putting. Sound familiar?

Thankfully, 2020 daters don’t need to lose faith quite yet. There are still lots of ways to meet the right person for you without the expensive price tag.

Free dating website use is certainly becoming a growing trend. More and more daters are turning away from costly membership sites to enjoy totally free dating sites instead. And with the right guidance, you can soon join them!

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Here are 5 reasons USA daters want to leave behind expensive memberships and subscriptions in our dating life this 2020:

1. “We value our time and our money even more than before.” 2020 is all about new opportunities in every area of our lives. And that includes our dating and relationship experiences. The turn of a new decade means that the time is now – even more than ever – to reach our personal goals. Singles in the USA don’t have time to deal with complex membership forms or subscription commitments. They want simple, straightforward options that benefit their lives. This is where free online dating comes in.

2. “We are aware there are other options available.” Although there are some well known super giants in the dating industry, not everyone feels they are the only options available to them. Singles have the power of internet searching in their hands (and their smartphones) and this means that they can find opportunities for dating beyond the membership options that usually dominate the top of internet searches. This means there are even more chances than ever for credit card free dating websites and apps to have a fair chance agains the costly membership options on the market!

3. “We want quality dating without high membership costs.” Just because USA daters don’t want to pay high prices to use dating websites doesn’t mean they willing to compromise on the quality of their experiences. I mean, who would? The purpose of match websites is to find true connections, no matter what relationship the person is seeking. This doesn’t change whether someone is willing to pay for it or otherwise. We all deserve a chance of love, or even just meeting someone new. It shouldn’t have to come with a subscription fee.

4. “We want time to find the right person.” Most dating membership sites that require a  subscription will ‘generously’ offer up to 7 days of free use of their site. After that, the fee applies. This might be a fee for the next 6 months, or even a year in some cases. Realistically, single daters are unlikely to find a suitable match for their needs within such a small window of time. Therefore it makes it somewhat of an insignificant offering, and much more a sales hook.

5. “We don’t want to feel like a customer anymore.” Continuing on from our last point, single daters now really don’t want to feel like a factory part in a production line. And those high fees and lengthy subscription times can make someone feel that way! Those seeking relationships of any kind always want to feel like it’s personal to them, and that they have the liberty to make it an experience of their individual choosing in many ways. Membership sites can feel boxy and much less free that many singles might like. This can deter many potential daters, no matter what age or character they might be. Or indeed, what kind of relationship they’re looking for!

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We are living in the age of the online era. Sharing who you really are as become something of a lifestyle for many people. If social media platforms can offer us spaces to be creative and express who we are while connecting with new people we have never met before, then why can’t the same thing apply to our dating experiences also?

Totally free dating is certainly becoming trendy, for the reasons explored here. You clicked on this article for a reason, which already demonstrates you have an interest in dating without the expensive price tag or the subscription stress that online dating membership sites are offering.

You aren’t alone in this – in fact, you’re a big part of the future of online dating! The world is changing, and it’s taking love and relationships along with it.

Embracing change is a big part of being in any kind of relationship. And this is no different in the case of the relationships we have with the services we choose to use to benefit our lives in the short or long term.

Perhaps now is the time to look at whether online dating sites are offering us this freedom, or whether it’s time to move on completely!

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