Track a cell phone location online

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There have been cases where someone goes missing and they cannot track them. The world we live in is very unpredictable and situations can come up at any time. Although your children may not like the idea of you monitoring their every move, it may become very necessary to do so.

There are cases of missing persons who just stepped out of the house to get groceries from a nearby store. Aside the fear of your child being abducted, what about them rolling with the wrong crowd? You do not wish to get a call from your local sheriff saying your kid was involved in shoplifting.

How to Track a Cell phone Location Online

The reason why we take our time to get mobile devices for our kids is to be able to get across to them anytime the need arises. But kids are known to misuse this opportunity. With the fact that the internet is mostly unsupervised, you need to take responsibility for what contents your kids feed their minds with.

You may also feel the need to monitor your spouse if you feel they are not being entirely honest with you about their whereabouts. You even get to do this without leaving the comfort of your home.

How to track someone’s phone

There are a lot of phone tracker apps you can use to keep track of your employee’s productivity. If your worker is using company issued device, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to make sure they are putting in the time and being productive. Some of these spy apps are free while others will require that you make monthly payment. Although both are good at monitoring and tracking those around you, they both perform varied functions.

Gps phone tracker

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a surveillance feature that comes standard with all smartphones in the 21st century. The only way you can use most apps on your mobile device is if your phone’s GPS is switched on. With this feature, you are able to know where your target has been at particular periods. So if your husband comes and tell you that he was stuck in traffic while his phone’s GPS indicates that he was in the bar during that period, you will know he is obviously lying.

A smartphone’s  GPS cannot be easily accessed unless there are tools you use to track your spouse’s location.  Some of such tools are GPS Tracker for Android (available on the Play Store, Followmee tracker for iOS, Find my Phone (iOS devices), Google Find my Phone (Android devices) and Find my Mobile (Samsung users). What you get with using these free tools to monitor your children, spouse and employees are:

  • Track your phone’s location
  • Ring the bell to locate it if you cannot recall where you last used it
  • Lock the phone f someone took it
  • Reach to the person with your phone
  • Erase all data stored on the lost device to protect yourself
  • Find it even when the data connection is lost or turned off.

But even as great as these tracker apps perform, they are nothing compared to their paid “cousins”. I mean spy apps that will require you to purchase a subscription package before you get started monitoring your loved ones.

The features are out of this world and they offer more than just tracking your target’s device. Even a whole location history timeline is drawn out for you to see from the first day the device was purchased till when you start monitoring them there is no way they can beat this intelligent spy apps.

But as fantastic as I have just described them, it’s kinda hard getting your hands on the best GPS tracker apps out there in the jungle called internet. A lot of adverts for these tracker apps are just bogus and generally misleading. And so we have taken the initiative to save you time and brought some of the best spy apps that are out there in the market.

Free cell phone tracker

You may have noticed that if you search online for free cell phone tracker apps, you will get millions of results. But you should be very careful using their services as most of them can be malwares that will just infect your device. Some may just end up being surveys that will just waste your time. That is why we advise before you commit to anyone of them to go through the reviews other users have given. This will let you know the tracker’s peculiar features and possible shortcomings so you can decide on which one best suit your purposes.

Phone number tracker

A great spy app that will let you track your child’s phone number is KidsGuard Pro. You will be able to properly monitor their mobile usage.

Track a phone location

Do you want to know where your child goes to after school hours? Are you suspecting that your husband may be somewhere else aside from being stuck in traffic? Do you suspect that your girlfriend is double-dating? The only way you can find answers to all these questions is to use spy apps like Flexispy. You will be able to track and get real-time data on their whereabouts without needing to leave the comfort of your home.

Track a cell phone location by number

Many apps on the internet will promise to let you know where your spouse is with just their phone number. They end up being surveys that take you round and round without giving you the information you need or even be malwares that may infect your device. The best spy apps that can do what you need without stress are paid spy apps. You will get all the information you need without making so much effort.

How to track a phone without them knowing

Tracking a loved one’s phone is not really a bad thing especially if your intention is to keep them safe. But they will not understand your reasons. Children often wander into dangerous territories without knowing and it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Or even your spouse may try to be smart around you.

You have noticed recently that he acts cold around you. Sometimes he makes late night calls and seem to be overly protective of their device. All these red flags are signals that they are keeping secrets from you. You may want to dismiss it but this may come back and haunt you.

All these are reasons why you may feel the best step to combat such events from occurring would be to monitor them. But you are aware that they will not take likely to being monitored. So you need to find a way to do this without them ever finding out.

What tools can you use to combat this inconvenience? Technology has been evolving for the past decade and it has been able to solve most challenges we could not some time ago. With security and privacy becoming a much discussed topic, smartphones have been able to address this problem.

Track a cell phone location online

Smartphones now come with multiple security protocols like face unlock, biometric unlock, patterns, passcodes, and even alpha-numeric passwords. This is in a bid to better secure the experience and information of its user.

But as with most things used by mankind, this technology has been abused. Most people end up using these tools to cheat on those closest to them. In order to let people know what those around them are up to, technology also built solutions to reveal secrets. Cell phone monitoring solutions were introduced with the end goal of making public what is kept secret. So if you are hard pressed to know what your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, teenage daughter and son is likely doing whenever you are not around them, then use spy apps.

Spy apps will enable you:

  • Track their calls and messages
  • Know who they frequently contact and how long they spend time together
  • Keep track of their movements (GPS)
  • Learn their passwords for all the websites they visit
  • Block calls from numbers you are not comfortable with
  • Geo-fencing technology lets you know when they visit places they are not meant to.
  • Keep track of all their social media activities; from their friends to messages they send and receive, multimedia files exchanged and even retrieve messages they have previously deleted in a bid to outsmart you.

Some of the best cell phone monitoring solutions that offer these features are:

  • Flexispy
  • Minspy
  • Xnspy
  • Mspy
  • Spyera
  • Spyier
  • kidsGuard Pro
  • Truthspector
  • Spyic
  • Highster mobile and a host of others

How to find someone’s location using their cell phone number

You must be worried that installing a spy app on your husband or wife’s phone will require you to root or jailbreak the device before you can know what they are doing. You do not necessarily have to do that.

They will work without requiring you to alter the normal processes of the target device. And they work in the background (for Android) and can be used remotely (for iOS devices). And your husband’s mobile number activities will be displayed for you to view.

Track cell phone

The beautiful thing about using these spy apps is the target user will never for once suspect that you are monitoring them. This lets you keep track of what they do 24/7. You never have to worry if they will find out as these spy apps work in the background feeding you information no matter how far apart you are from them.

Phone tracker app

Mspy is a powerful software monitoring solution that will help in keeping track of what your kids do whenever they handle their device. This way you have a watchdog that updates you frequently on what sort of messages they send and receive, who they speak to and what they spend time searching for on the internet. This way you have peace of mind that you are not blindsided as to your child’s mobile experience. You can even block their mobile device from visiting certain sites that are notorious for posting not so child-friendly content.

Certain apps as well can also be blacklisted to make sure they are not downloaded without your permission.

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How to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free

You can use Google Find my Phone for Android or Find My iPhone for iOS devices. They are great tools in keeping track of those around you but they only give you basic info. Paid spy apps will give you more exclusive information than free spy apps.

How to track a phone for free   

Google Find my Phone for Android is a great tool to track your spouse.

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