Tricks for a Faster Online Gaming Connection

Online game experience largely depends on several things, including how fast your internet connection is. This can mean the difference between winning a fast-paced multiplayer game and losing a rank or two just because you lagged at an inopportune moment.

Don’t despair when this happens, though- here are 4 tips to improve your gaming connection.

Move Closer to the Router

You probably notice how a page will load more slowly when you’re farther from the router, whether shopping, watching shows or reading Tips to Win Online Casino Games.

Distance is a factor to internet speed, and the lesser the distance between the router and the device the faster it becomes.

Check Your Current Bandwidth Speed

Sometimes it may not be an issue on your end but your ISP, or internet service provider’s. To check on this, visit any internet speed testing site and click on ‘test’, then wait for the results.

If the internet speed showing there is significantly lower then you’ll probably need to reset your wifi.

Reset Your Wi-Fi Network

Rebooting your router can give you a speed boost as it refreshes the connection to your ISP.

To do this, find the power button of your router and press it to turn the router off. Wait anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute, then press the same button to turn it on. Wait for the wi-fi to become established, then check your internet speed again.

Shut Down Internet Hogs

Do you multi-task when playing an online game? You could be running a peer to peer network, watching HD videos or streaming a movie and downloading a large file. All these things contribute to a slower and laggier internet overall.

The solution? Close out apps that could be using the internet. Only leave the essential programs and the ones your family members could be using. Close YouTube, Netflix and other internet hogs and you free up precious bandwidth in the process.

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